Lockdown time? Do your 10 Digital Job for your Business

Lockdown time? Do your 10 Digital housekeeping Job for your Business

If you’ve already cleaned every surface in your home today, why not clean up your digital profile in this lockdown time? These are tasks you can do at home during this lockdown time to improve your Google my listing, company website, social media channels, and customer experience.

Are you excited?  Hope You are! Here are our top 10 recommendations for work-from-home digital marketing tasks in this lockdown time.

Lockdown Time
  1. Check your existing citations and create new.

Your NAP (name, address, and phone) matter a lot to Google. For local search Google uses this information for deciding how to rank your website or Google my business for ‘near me’ searches – who are looking for the type of product or service you offer.

Cross check your company’s various listings to ensure the correct business name, address, phone number, hours, are used. This includes Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Bing Places, Yahoo, Yelp, Just Dial, Yellow Pages.

  1. Run an SEO audit for your business 

Sign up for a free trial of an SEO tool like SEMRush or WebFx, and do an audit of your business website. It might be in very good shape, or you might find that you have some work to do to improve your technical SEO health in this lockdown time. These audits catch everything like broken URLs, redirect loops to missing meta descriptions, thin content, and many more – all things that are  consider when Google ranking your website.

  1. Do a content audit for your web site

If you don’t already have a system for tracking your blog post or company’s content, this is a great task to do in this lockdown time at home.  For this task I use a spreadsheet to manage all of Forge and Smith’s blog posts and case studies.

  1. Test your website speed 

Website speed matters for ranking. Each time Google updates its algorithm. Why because people expect fast-loading pages, and Google wants to deliver the best possible results to his users. Lots of things can cause for slowing the page loads, like server issues, JavaScript, or giant images and video.

You can find the information about slow-loading pages in SEO audits, or if you using  Hubspot Website Grader or  PageSpeed Insights you will get suggestions to fix the problem as well.

  1. Turn a blog post into an info-graphic for your business 

People love info-graphics. You don’t have to be a designer to create infographics using tools like Visme or Venngage, then add them into posts and share them on social media and get the most out of every post.

  1. Clean up your social media profiles

Social media profiles are your digital presence and it is the first place for a customer to finds your business. They are easier to clean than a website of your business, as you don’t have to worry about hurting your business SEO.

Maybe it’s time for new graphics in your banner and other imagery. You can also archive old, off-brand posts on Instagram profile. And why not rewrite the old business bios with language and emoji that better reflects your company?

  1. Build a New (or Better) Hashtag List

Hashtags aren’t going away — in fact, they’re used on more platforms than ever before (hello, LinkedIn, and TikTok!) Now Instagram, lets people follow hashtags the same way you follow a person.  Whether you have an old hashtag strategy or no strategy at all, working from home is a great time to spend a few hours on hashtag research.

Lockdown Time
  1. Run a small Google Ads campaign 

If you haven’t try Google Ads (known as AdWords, Paid Search or Display ads), you might missed getting of highly targeted traffic. You can start by taking Google’s intro classes for Google Ads, and explore the dashboard before you creates your first ad.

  1. Try Facebook Ads for your business 

If you have small campaign budget. Don’t worry. You can try   Facebook Ads and Instagram ads. This two platforms are a great way to extend your reach and grow your audience. Facebook offers tutorials to help you get started, but creating and managing ads is easier than you might expect and get more result.

  1. Boost local SEO with more reviews from your customers

For your business ranking one of the key factor is Review, so it is important to received reviews and replay to the reviews. Either its good or bad review you get from your customer. Make it easy for satisfied customers or clients to leave you a review by sending out personalized messages with review links to the desired location: Google, Facebook, or any other platform that you are listed. My suggestion is to collect review as much as possible from Google. Because it will give you batter rank in Google My Business  


I hope you found above ideas are  useful during this lockdown time, and you are ready to use for your business.

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