Smart Dog Breeds: Your Dog is in this List ?

Smart Dog Breeds: Discover if Your Dog is on this List

Labrador Retriever Smart Dog Breeds

Smart dog breeds stand out mainly because they are easy to train and seem to understand your body language by responding to your commands and even though you know that your dog is the smartest dog in the world, there are certain breeds that learn more quickly and have the ability to act on their own with what looks like human common sense that can often cause you to wonder how much more your dog could do with a little more training.

This article gives you 12 dog breeds that are included as the brightest according to sources like the American Kennel Club so you have information about dogs that may be easier to train and might reduce your costs for dog health expenses over the life of your dog.

Smart Dog Breeds: Top 12 List

Smart Dog Breeds
  1. Australian Cattle Dog – No surprise that this breed excels at herding, competitive obedience and agility. The Australian Cattle Dog is highly intelligent and is often the quickest learner in your puppy school class.
  2. Border Collie With a strong sense of smell, this breed from the United Kingdom, England and Ireland participates in narcotics and scent detection, search and rescue, herding, agility and competitive obedience. Border Collies tend to be protective of your household and responsive to training.
  3. Doberman Pinscher This breed that originates from Germany is powerful and muscular as well as highly intelligent. Your Doberman is one of the smart dog breeds that loves to run, has a smooth coat and is known to be a proud protector of your household.
  4. German Shepherd You will always see this strong, athletic breed as police dogs and in the military because the German Shepherd is loyal, protective and popular due to it’s versatility.
  5. Golden RetrieverYou will find this beautiful extroverted breed easy to train which makes the Golden Retriever perfect as a seeing-eye dog, hearing dog and can be trained to do search and rescue.
  6. Labrador Retriever You can depend on this intelligent breed that have been trained to lead the blind, act as a hearing dog, work with police and military. Labrador Retrievers are also one of the smart dog breeds that are good with children, kind and obedient.
  7. Papillon This playful, friendly and charming breed has it’s origins in France and gets it’s name because it’s ears look like butterfly wings. Your Papillon is highly energetic and does well with agility skills and competitive obedience.
  8. Pomeranian The origin of this charismatic toy breed is Germany and Pomerania. If you want a dog that’s easy to train and full of personality, the Pomeranian is designed for you.
  9. Poodle From France and Germany, this breed combines high energy with intelligence. Your Poodle is affectionate, loyal, playful and eager to please.
  10. Rottweiler Fearless and confident, this breed was developed in Germany. Your Rottweiler is proudly on the list of smart dog breeds because he is very loyal and often used for police work, search and rescue, herding and as a guide dog.
  11. Shetland Sheepdog Lovable and lively, this breed is from the United Kingdom and is known for it’s herding, tracking and agility. Your Shetland Sheepdog is also playful and social.
  12. Weimaraner Another dog that has it’s origin in Germany is the beautiful gray or silver Weimaraner that is known to be alert, responsive and social. This breed can be trained for many activities and skills like agility, search and rescue, guarding and tracking.

What’s the One Thing That All Smart Dogs Have in Common?

The most common trait for smart dog breeds is their need for lots of exercise.  It seems that your smart dog also knows how to stay physically fit, alert, focused and healthy.  That doesn’t mean that all other dogs are lazy, of course.  Smart dog breeds may have an uncanny sense of what’s good for their mind and body so they love to be out and about in competition, as guide dogs and as working or herding dogs.

This article gives you list of 12  smart dog breeds that stand out because they may be easier to train if you are looking for a dog that’s a quick learner in your household.

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