Facts About Dogs: 10 Things Dog Thinks About You

Facts About Dogs: 10 Things Your Dog Thinks About You

Facts About Dogs

Facts about dogs that might astound you or just make you smile could be unspoken things your dog thinks about you all day long as your dog observes you in relation to your dog’s daily needs and how your dog feels in your home, on walks and what your dog dreams about when he’s all alone in your home where your lonely dog wonders and worries when you’ll be back to take him out for a piddle and a walk.

This article gives you the  list of 10 things your dog probably thinks about you from the moment your dog senses you are awake to the moment you close your eyes at night.

Facts About Dogs

Facts About Dogs: 10 Things Your Dog Thinks About You

  1. Clothes – Whether it’s hot or cold, your dog wonders why you need to wear things like underwear, shoes, shirts and hats. You can tell by the quizzical look on your dog’s face while he waits for you to put on your jacket and sneakers while your dog waits patiently at the door with his private parts exposed to the world.
  2. Bed – Your dog thinks your bed is also his property and allows you to split it with him because your dog loves to share his things with you. These facts about dogs also apply to your sofa, chairs, rugs and any other object on which you can sit or recline like lounge chairs and beach blankets.
  1. Home – Since your dog often spends more time alone in your home than you do, your dog thinks he is the home owner and you are his welcome guest who feeds, loves and takes care of him. Your dog may also be puzzled why he can’t get in and out of his home without you, unless there’s a pet door that your dog has installed to give him more freedom, of course.
  2. Chauffeur – Early on in your dog’s life he figured out that another role you play is his chauffeur which enables your dog to go to play groups, parks and beaches. One of the the most important facts about dogs is that your clever dog figured out how to get you to drive fast on the highway so your dog can hang his head out the window and smell all the news of the day.
  3. Best Friend – Your dog thinks you are his best buddy, someone to play with, someone to bother when he wants to run around in his home with, and then plop down for a nap. Companionship is one of your dog’s biggest needs, so it’s no wonder your dog follows you around, sits by your side and stares into your eyes in adoration. Your dog is simply crazy about you.
  4. Nurse – When your dog doesn’t feel well, he thinks of you as his nurse, another important item on the list of facts about dogs. You are the one who talks quietly to your dog and also drives him to your vet or local animal emergency hospital if your dog has an accident or needs expert care. Your dog counts on you to spend time with him when he’s sick just like you do with other members of your family.


  1. 7. Chef – Yes, your dog thinks you are his private chef and your dog depends on you to keep him healthy, however your dog doesn’t always stick to his diet when you offer him an occasional table scrap or some ice cream. Your dog doesn’t know the difference between unhealthy or toxic substances like chocolate, raisins or nuts so you may want to remember these facts about dogs because your dog wants to eat whatever you’re eating whether or not it’s good for him.


  1. Trainer – Your dog looks to you as his personal trainer so he can stay trim and burn off calories. You are his coach, mentor and idol when it comes to games and sports like catch, tug of war and frisbee. When your dog brings you a ball and wants to play fetch he thinks he’s the leader even though he knows you’re the one who taught him how to play.
  1. Teacher – Your dog started to see you as his teacher in Puppy School when you and your dog spent time together learning the ropes. The facts about dogs is that skills like “leave it”, “take it”, eye contact and obedience didn’t come easy, so your dog had to pay attention to you and listen very carefully just like a student does in his classroom with his teacher.
  2. 10. Toy – At times, your dog may even think of you as his toy. Something your dog can push around a little, play and cuddle with… just like you do with your dog. You might even be on your dog’s top 10 list of his favourite toys to play with

Note:  We’d love to hear what you think your dog thinks about you, so leave a comment below and share your list of facts about dogs.

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