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Pet Grooming On wheels

Pet Grooming Van - Pet Salon On Wheels

Enchanting Pets is a  Mobile pet grooming van and an eCommerce pet store. We provide professional pet grooming services  with a mobile pet grooming van across Bangalore city. We cover the East, West, North, South of Bangalore based on appointment.

Driven by our love for animals, we offer many varieties of grooming and bathing services. Our van is equipped with expert grooming stylists with years of experience who make your pets into enchanting pets.

So if you are searching for pet grooming near me. we are here to help you.

Pet grooming Salon on wheels

Door to door Service

You can be anywhere in the City, all you have to do is book an appointment and our team will take care of the rest.


You can be at home, office or even out of town. You don’t have to take your dog with you to the grooming salon anymore.

Why Us

We Provide Care, That Your Pet Deserves!

Pet grooming Salon on wheels

No tension, No stress

All you have to do is hand your pets to us and everything else will be done by our experts. Your pets are in safe hands with us.


We create a happy and safe environment for your pets by using international standard equipment's and sterilization techniques.

About our pet grooming van

They’re not just any vans; they’re a grooming salon on wheels! Enchantingpets is a custom mobile grooming vans are fully equipped with all the equipment that a professional groomer requires. The modern vans are equipped with quiet generators, heat and two water tanks. One fresh water tank, and one for the “gray” (dirty) water. Your pet is always bathed with clean, warm water in a relaxing bath.

The stainless steel tubs are specially designed for our vans and fit any breed or size. The custom, electric groom tables lower right to the floor. This allows older, arthritic and big dogs, to step right onto the table. The table is also equipped with a retractable ramp. It provides a comfortable access for your dog to step right into and out of the tub, directly from the table. Our gentle, super sudser spray provides your pet with a massaging bath. Your pet is hand dried by our efficient force air dryers. They gently dry and fluff at a low speed, or at a high speed loosen dirt and remove excess undercoat.

We use Nature’s Specialty 100% All Natural groom products. If you have a specific product that you would like us to use on your pet, we are happy to do so.

Pet grooming van
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