ENCHANTING PETS Fluff-n-Shine Four in One Dog Shampoo 300ml, with Paw Butter 15ml, PH Balanced Formula for Cleansing, Conditioning, Detangling & Moisturizing, Suitable for All Breeds Dogs

  • Four-in-One Formula: Enchanting Pets Fluff-n-Shine Four in One Dog Shampoo, offering a coat-friendly, pH-balanced solution. It not only cleanses but also conditions, detangles, and moisturizes, providing a comprehensive approach to pet grooming that addresses multiple needs in one product.
  • Paw Butter for Moisturized Paws: Enriched with pure beeswax and shea butter, our Paw Butter Moisturizing Cream provides deep hydration for your pet’s paws, keeping them soft and protected.

Product Details

  • Vitamin E Enriched: Infused with Vitamin E, this shampoo offers additional benefits for your pets’ coat health. Vitamin E is known for its nourishing properties, contributing to a lustrous, shiny, and overall healthy appearance.
  • Detangling and Conditioning: Detangle & Shine Shampoo is specifically crafted to effectively detangle and condition your pets’ coat, promoting a smoother grooming experience and leaving their fur soft and manageable.
  • Versatility for All Breeds: Tailored for dogs of all breeds, Detangle & Shine Shampoo is a versatile grooming solution suitable for a variety of dog types.
  • Gentle Cleansing: The shampoo provides a gentle yet highly effective cleansing experience, ensuring a thorough cleaning without causing any discomfort. Your dogs will be left feeling fresh and clean after each use.
  • Enchanting Pets Commitment: Enchanting Pets passion lies in offering the best-quality and trendsetting pet supplies. We firmly believe that good intentions are the first crucial step towards creating successful products. As dedicated groomers, we deeply understand the needs and desires of our furry companions.

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