On Wheels Pet Groomer- Services

🐶 EnchantingPets is a professional Pet Groomer provides  pet grooming  🐩✂ services in a mobile pet grooming van 🚐 across Bangalore. On an appointment basis.📞 Call 9663329293 for appointment 🐾 

Driven by our love for animals, we offer many varieties of grooming and bathing services.

Our On wheels pet groomer van is equipped with expert grooming stylists with years of experience who make your pets into enchanting pets.

On Wheels Pet Grooming Services Van

Pet Grooming Services

Basic Package ( Small Short Coated Dog Breed) - 1500/-

Basic Package ( Small Long Coated Dog Breed ) - 2000/-

On Wheels Pet Groomer Full Trimming for medium dog breed

Full trimming for Small breed dog - 2700/-


Basic Package ( Medium or Large Small Short Coated Dog Breed ) - 2100/-

Golden Retriever grooming

Basic Package ( Large Long Coated Breed Dog ) - 2300/-

On Wheels Pet Groomer Full Trimming for medium dog breed

Full trimming for Medium Breed Dog - 3000/-

On Wheels Pet Groomer

Basic Package ( Extra Large Breed Dog ) - 2650/-

On Wheels Pet GroomerFull Trimming for Extra Large Breed Dog

Full trimming for Extra Large Breed Dog - 3600/-


We are thrilled that so many of our clients have tried and love our on wheels pet groomer. For those of you who have yet to try our On wheels pet groomer- services, or are wondering how it works, here are some answers to frequently asked questions we’ve received regarding the  On Wheels Pet Groomer- Services.

Dog grooming Van
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We groom your pet at your doorstep, but NO we do not groom your pets in your tub. We have a self-contained mobile grooming van. It is a state-of-the-art pet grooming salon on wheels. It was specifically designed.

We use our own water tank and generator to heat the water to groom your pet. Unlike other mobile groomers, we do NOT need to plug into your home’s electricity. Our clients don’t have to supply anything–just your pet! Pet owners do not need to be present for us to groom your pet. However, we do like to see or speak with you on the very first grooming appointment so you can specify the services and type of cut you would like your pet to have. Yes, our mobile groomer can come to your workplace or business and groom your pet there!

Across Bangalore. All you have to do is book an appointment and our team will take care of the rest.

Our fees are breed specific and are based on the needs of each pet. Each groom fee includes a special hydrosurge, massaging water bath with all-natural shampoos & conditioners, a gentle blow dry, ear cleansing, teeth cleansing, nail clipping and clean up clipping of the fur around the face, ears, eyes and sanitary areas (if necessary), AND a biscuit treat, a bow or bandanna.

Additional services do include clipping the pet to breed standards, matt removal, extensive brush or comb outs, furminator deshedding tool use, coat & skin remoisturizing treatments, deskunking and flea baths. In some cases, mobile grooming fees may be slightly more expensive than salon grooming fees. But remember, our VERY CONVENIENT service comes to YOU.

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On Wheels Pet Groomer- Services at Your Doorstep


Absolutely, YES! It is not necessary, but your groomer works hard to make your pet enchanting, so your generosity is appreciated!

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