Popular Indian Dog Breeds

Rampur Greyhound is a breed of dogs native to the Rampur region of Northern India, a member of the large sighthound family; it is often described as a smooth haired sighthound. The favored hound of the Maharajahs for jackal control, this breed has ……

Indian Dog Breeds Mudhol Hound is a guard and hunting breed of dog developed in India. They possess strong protective instinct augmented by great devotion and loyalty to owners. This Indian breed dog is famous with many other names spoken natively including Caravan Dog…….

Indian native dog Pariah is an ancient domesticated breed of dog. This is a street walker and wandering breed but with aggression and dominance. One of the common breeds of Indo Pak region including Bangladesh, the Pariah is pure breed without any blood mixes. . …

Ancient breed of Kashmir region, Bakharwal dog is basically a working and herding dog. Strange for being vegetarian, these dogs do not eat flesh rather fed with milk and bread made of maize. They do not attack sheep for food. Reproduction process is very slow causing . . ..

Pakistani Mastiff or locally called Bully Kutta is found in Sindh and Punjab regions of Pakistan and India. This dog is commonly used as watchdog and guard. The dog is docile but attentive and inquisitive to strangers thus forms a perfect guardian to its owner, . ……..

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