Types of Dogs- Top 50 Dogs with 2020 Ranking List

50 Popular Types of Dogs with 2020 Ranking List

All types of dogs with lovable faces and personalities may try to win your heart. In this breef articale we will discuss 50 Popular Types of Dogs with Ranking List

50 Types of Dogs:

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2020 Rank

Evident from its name, the Labrador Retriever is sharp and active dog used for retrieving hunted birds. Apart from its retrieving application, the dog is popular due to its versatility and its come under no. 1 Popular Types of Dogs categories 


One of America’s most popular dog breeds is German shepherd. It is an intelligent and working dog. The courage and the devotion of this breed is peerless


Friendly to everyone Golden Retriever breed is yet known for its dedicated and obedient character as a family companion. This is a suitable sporting retriever and wishes for a day in the field as well.


French bulldog is a jester and a lap dog. It takes pleasure to entertain its family and to play, cuddling and snoozing with favorite individual as well. 


Bulldogs are famous for holding strong bonding with family, affectionate touch with children and cooperative with pets. It displays great loyalty and trust to owner


A hunter by instinct, Beagle is popular for its companion-ability, loyalty and affection, highly attractive by its cleanliness, easy to groom coat with a variety of color textures


Ideal family pet, Standard Poodle is most fabulous and cheerful dog. Standard Poodle is a unique dog in competitive obedience, able to carry out variety of tasks on ground


The guardian of the family against any intrusion with zeal and zest is the trait of this guard Rottweiler. They are extremely committed companion of the family.


German shorthaired pointer ‘s idea of heaven is the day hunting in the field and an evening curled up by the side of its owner. It is a devoted family pet,


A small and compact packet of affection and love Yorkshire Terrier are broad personalities packed in small size. Being a toy breed, this animal holds all determinant, inquisitive, investigative, and energetic traits of terriers.


The versatile and agile, Boxer breed embraces elegance and style. Source of satisfaction for lively family once adapted, the dog is proved a warm companion rather protective and possessive to masters.


Ever ready for adventures Dachshund is a daring and fearless breed. The breed is keen interested in hunting of small games while tracking the scent.


The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a smaller and straight-legged variety of dog having pointed ears and a short tail. They are very clever and mindful in mental abilities as well as physical strength and power.


A versatile and all featured work dog, Siberian Husky is a perfect guardian and companion. The breed is crazy for running, chasing and investigation. The Siberian Husky dogs need new challenges


Australian shepherd are responsive, smart, independent, alert, loving, confident and bold with a great deal of endurance. and its rank No.15 Popular Types of Dogs categories 


The Majestic Great Dane comes with a soft temperament; due to their huge size it is well suited for family having older children. Sometimes described as king of dogs 


Intelligent Capable guardian, ever alert, ready to defend its family or home is known as Doberman pinscher. Doberman is also adventurous and loyal companion. 


Toy dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are true spaniel at heart. They are gundogs to accompany hunter in fields besides their admiration in family as comprehensive loving, gentle and sweet house pet.


Miniature Schnauzer is a tough structured small but strong dog. It is joyous, lively and sharp in actions. As a pet, it is love bonded family dependent dog. 


Shih Tzu breed is made of love and devotion, the dog is a perfect housemate and preferred travel companion. They are lively and energetic small dogs


Boston terrier is sensitive and devoted to the owner’s moods and yearn. They are decorous indoors but naughty and playful (particularly get pleasure from ball chasing) whenever opportunity availed.


Large and hard, the Bernese Mountain Dog is the name of a strong, sturdy and powerful dog developed as working dog. Trainability and handling is relatively tough with average intelligence.


The cheerful and intelligent family companion, Pomeranian dogs are small-sized, highly energetic, active, lively and alert dogs.


Havanese is an active, busy and a family centered dog which loves to be at attention. It involves all family in entertainment.


The breed of dog having owned by someone would get satisfaction and pleasure, is the breed of Shetland sheepdog.


An obedient sporting dog, English Springer Spaniel is admired of its trainability, pleasant temperament and affectionate dealing with children.



Truly an active and playful family companion, the Pug is a small dog. It is a compact and cheerful family member. The breed is very attentive and sharp.


Borne gentle and calm temperament Mastiff is very tender dog for houses. It is serious natured, devoted and trustworthy housemate.


An active sporting breed Cocker Spaniel stay distinguished due to its energy and stamina despite of being small in size. 


Natural hunter Vizsla is not just satisfied to point the hunter for a prey, rather they are vigorous till retrieve it after hit. 


Strong muscled and large-boned breed of working dog Cane Corso is moderate in trainability, caring and affectionate to owner and family children,


On the base of its extreme devotion to a single individual Chihuahua has earned fame as favoured toy dog. It is good with other pets and household dogs but reserved with strangers.


Border collie excel in speed and stamina to herd a day long tirelessly. Extremely energetic, keen to romp in yard, happy when on task, they herd almost everything to bring them in any order.


The Weimaraner dogs are developed to accompany hunters for pointing, trailing and retrieving tasks during hunt. The dog is sturdy and strong with extreme of intelligence


The Maltese is a lapdog with long hairs around its body. Its look is pretty and too charming to attract the viewer. It is energetic and challenging natured dog


A mild mannered friend to all, the Collie is devoted and gentle. Collie is a dog with a working background, so needs daily physical exercises 


Versatile medium dog, Basset hound is sociable companion that surpasses in obedience, conformation, tracking, trailing and pack hunting.


Newfoundland dog s are strong, sturdy and energetic breed. They are quite serious, bold, humble, lively and patient dogs. 


A versatile and comprehensive hunter, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is very alert, bold and aggressive hunter when on field. It is equally a perfect hunter and a guardian.


Famous with its nick “Westie”, West Highland White Terrier is adapted as a warm companion. This breed is full of charm and attraction, remarkably active, confident, determinant and loyal.


Shiba-Inu is a small sized dog, much suited for families searching for excellent watchdog and hunter. The breed is aloof of strangers and independent


Small but sturdy, Bichon Frise is a cheerful and felicitous dog, naturally gentle, co-operative and playful dog, it loves positive activities rather wandering or idle in yard.


Akita Inu is independent, stubborn, tenacious and bold dog. They are demonstrative to their family, very dedicated and good protector of family members.


Steadfast, serious and solid dog, Saint Bernard is long and healthy breed. It is loyal and well devoted breed, eager to remain in the center of the attentions.


Bloodhound is a leader of the pets but extremely affectionate and caring. Generally calm at home, tireless trailer at outfield, tough and independent


This breed is an energetic athlete, robust, alert and responsible swimming dog, Portuguese Water Dog being used as fishermen assistant


Domesticated large breed of dog Bullmastiff holds characteristics of Molosser dogs. As their size depicts, they are natural guardian of home, land, property farms etc


Tremendous and enthusiastic breed, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is best suited dog for active and lively families. The dog is excellent in house environment


The Papillon dog is very small dog of toy breed, playful, lively and amusing. It is well behaved and responsive with high degree of obedience, besides dog is vigorous, soft hearted, and loving companion.


Brittany is primarily a gun dog to accompany hunters for bird hunt. Rarely referred as Spaniel but are pointers or Setter in their true working tendencies.


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