Pet Grooming Mobile Business and Franchise Model

How to Start On Wheels Pet Grooming Business

Pet grooming is a particularly strong bet. As we learned from pandemic that sometimes the strongest business plans are focused on mobility not on Location. People like services that come to their doorstep while working from home.

If you love pets and want to be your own boss, then take a look at the growing trend of mobile pet grooming businesses and see if it’s a good fit for you!

How Mobile Pet grooming business works

Mobile pet grooming van will come to your doorstep. There are Pet groomer groom your dog in the grooming van outside of your property. All water and waste is recycled in their waste water tanks. Therefore no waste water or other waste left on site.

how to start mobile pet grooming business

Advantages for Mobile Pet Grooming Business owners

  1. One of the advantages for the mobile grooming business owner is that they don’t have to pay monthly rent or utility bill. As like brick-and-mortar store.
  2. Secondly working hours are flexible.
  3. You can justify charging more for your grooming services
  4. Your pet grooming van can be a virtual rolling advertisement for your business.

Advantages for Pet owners

  1. No car sickness or dirty pets riding in the car.
  2. Grooming at pets natural environment
  3. Hassle and stress free for pets
  4. Monitor their special attention during grooming
  5. No more stress or hassle dropping off and picking up your dog from dog grooming parlour

What You Need to Know before Mobile Pet Grooming Business stated

If you are interested in a mobile pet grooming business, there are some things you should consider before you start.

It’s Not for Everyone

Its not for everyone, You have to work one-on-one with pets in tight conditions,

You’ll be giving up the idea when you compare with a bricks-and-mortar pet grooming store. It has comforts of storage, big space, running water, an easily accessible restroom, and even reliable access to power.

But there’s no need to be disappoint, though! There are lots of mobile groomers and mobile vets out there making it work right now and you can, too! It just takes some research and imagination.

It Requires Special Skills and Knowledge

If you’re not a trained groomer, that’s where you can start. People may crave convenience, but they won’t trade convenience for real skill. So, before you start pricing out conversion vans or unused school buses to convert into your own personal grooming salon on wheels, make sure your skills are on point

Your skills include Pet handling in vehicles or confined spaces they are unfamiliar with.

Additionally, search for mobile groomers who may be interested in sharing insights and information with you or work with you.

How to Get Started

The first step is to invest in a conversion vans or unused school buses. Then change the van or minibus in to pet grooming centre. it should have a water tank, water heater, power generator, sink, cleaning table and some more  space to store grooming tools. A mini bus with a capacity of 12-14 people will suffice to meet all these requirements.

Making of Enchantingpets Pet grooming van

For franchise  Contact 9663329293

About Enchantingpets Pet grooming van

They’re not just any vans; they’re a dog grooming salon on wheels! Enchantingpets vans are custom pet grooming van which is fully equipped with all the equipment that a professional pet groomer requires. The modern vans are equipped with quiet generators, heat and two water tanks. One fresh water tank, and one for the “gray” (dirty) water. Your pet is always bathed with clean, warm water in a relaxing bath. The stainless steel tubs are specially designed for our vans and fit any breed or size. The custom, electric groom tables lower right to the floor. This allows older, arthritic and big dogs, to step right onto the table. The table is also equipped with a retractable ramp. It provides a comfortable access for your dog to step right into and out of the tub, directly from the table. Our gentle, super sudser spray provides your pet with a massaging bath. Your pet is hand dried by our efficient force air dryers. They gently dry and fluff at a low speed, or at a high speed loosen dirt and remove excess undercoat.

Next, you need to determine the locations where you want to work. Identify residential areas that have the maximum number of pet parents. You can do this by visiting vet and getting an idea about their clients. The important thing to keep in mind is that the primary target audience of mobile pet grooming services are high-end families who have enough income to spend on their pets.

Once you have established a repeat clientele in an area, you can look at expanding your services to other parts of the city.

For marketing you can do Face book, Instragram and Google ad. Google My Business listing will help you to generate customer. To know more you can read How to Appear On Google 3 pack SEO. Website, Logo will help you create  brand loyalty for your business.

To talk about licenses and certification, starting a pet grooming business does not require a license to show that you are trained to handle pets, as like human salons.

You can either hire trained professional Pet Groomers or you can learn Pet Grooming Curses. Typically it’s a 3-month professional course for INR 2.5-3 lakh.

Investment Required

One-time Investment

  1. Conversion vans or tempo traveller: A new conversion vans or tempo traveller (Model No.3350) can cost you between INR -12 lakh or you can buy a used TT for INR 4-6 lakh. I don’t suggest lease option.
  2. Interior, Grooming tools and equipment:  For Interior will cost you INR 3-3.5 lakh. Grooming tools like brushes, clippers, combs, dryer, aprons and Shampoos, Grooming Table (hydraulic) will cost INR 1.5-2 Lakh depending upon the Brand. I have suggested Andis brand   
  3. Online Presence :A basic website with SEO optimization is a one-time investment of INR 25,000-30,000

Recurring Costs

  1. Utilities: Since your business is variable, your ongoing costs will be minimal. Its include fuel, vehicle maintenance, variable product like shampoos and cleaning items. All this will cost about INR 15,000-20,000 per month.
  2. Marketing: Marketing in Google and other social media INR 8,000-10,000 per month. However, we recommend spending on marketing only for the initial 3-4 months with this much of budget then you can spend less depending upon how much customer you are getting. Once you establish customers word of mouth will market your business.
  3. Staff: One of your major expenses can be payroll of groomers, Driver and helper. If you don’t perform grooming yourself. Total staff salary will cost you 50k-60k

How Much can you Earn?

Charges of mobile grooming services are higher as compare to bricks-and-mortar pet grooming store. A Basic grooming services for a medium sized dog is INR 2,100-2,500 its include services like

  • Bath (Shampoo, Conditioning)
  •  BlowDry
  • Minor Haircutting
  • Sanitary Clipping
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear & Eyes Cleaning
  • Teeth Cleaning/ Mouth Sprey
  • Combing/Brushing
  • Body Perfume

You can check in our Pet Grooming Service Page

Going by all these charges, you can serve 12-14 bookings in a week on an average, and earn between INR 100,000 to INR 120,000 lakh.

If you have hired some groomer, you net earnings will come down to INR 40,000-50,000 but if you are performing yourself the earning will increase other 20-25k. Good part is if you are success the you can grow your business and earn 4x to 5x

EnchantingPets Pet Grooming: Franchise Opportunity

Luxury Pet Grooming At Your Doorstep !

EnchantingPets Mobile Pet Grooming is a full service-grooming salon that comes right to your door. We provide services for both large and small breeds. All services are performed inside our state-of-the-art mobile grooming salon.

Our salon is equipped with hot and cold running water, warm air drying for a comfortable grooming experience, a full size tub, and an adjustable grooming table. We provide personal, uninterrupted attention for you and your pet in a quiet, stress-free setting. Our salon offers a safe, sanitary and healthy environment where pets are never put in crates or cages. A mobile salon is perfect for senior pets, pets that experience car sickness, or suffer separation anxiety.

For franchise  Contact 9663329293

How to Start On Wheels Pet Grooming Business

Our Statistics

1000+ Clients       2500+  Pet Groomed 

Franchise Model

We Provide

1.Grooming Vehicle & Supplies

Franchise owner will get a state of the art mobile grooming saloon on wheels that has been designed after 3 years of research, development and usage. They will also get continuous supplies from EnchantingPets.

         2. Trained Staff

EnchantingPets will provide One trained groomer who will have trained under the supervision of our head groomer. The training session will include theoretical knowledge and on ground training.

  1. Marketing Support ( From EnchantingPets )

Franchise Owner will benefit from the marketing effort made by EnchantingPets. for the Franchise owner in their specific territory

Investment Required

One-time Investment


Amount (Rs.)

Total Investment


Down payment of Truck


Fabrication & Equipment


Franchise Fee


For franchise  Contact 9663329293

Franchise Mod

Return on Investment


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3
















Other Running Expense




Other Expenses




Total Expenses





Operating Profit





Royalty to enchantingpets




EMI (3 year)





Cash Flow Available




Cumulative Cash Flow




Return on Investment





Franchisor Support

EnchantingPets Comprehensive training and support for franchisee is focused on building a profitable mobile grooming business and brand identity. EnchantingPets ensures the highest standards of operational procedures to maximize sales and profitability. Our support team provides:


Start-up assistance including advice on mobile grooming salon operations, calling support, 3rd party financing and more


In-depth initial training program both onsite and at Corporate Headquarters. Plus, ongoing onsite support including periodic visits to your location, refresher training, online resources, and access to our experienced support team.


Operations manual including a pre-opening guide, tried and true business systems to aid in profitability. Client service policies, operational standards, and more.


Marketing, branding and advertising assistance, including a presence on the website and social media handles

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