Shaving is a good or bad option for dogs

Shaving is a good or bad option for dogs

As a groomer we got may calls from the client for complete shaving the dog during summer time. I got lots of requests to shave almost every dog breeds. It is a common misconception that complete shaving make them cooler.

It is important to consider that what type of hair the dog has. All dog breeds can place into two groups. First of all we have those who need to make their cuts regularly, such as


Group of dogs that can be shaved

Dogs in this group have hair that will grow longer and longer until you cut. These breeds can be shaved without any problem. Shaving them off in hot weather and taking off the extra coat will actually make them more comfortable and cool, and will not harm the dog’s coat. However, this is not the case with the other group.

 In the second group includes all other dog breeds, long-haired or short-haired, whose hair grows to only one length and then remains that length. These dogs usually shed a lot more than the first group dogs. These include

Group of dogs that never be shaved

and the list gose on and on…….

Dogs in the second group have two different types of hair in their coat, a soft, undercoat, and stiff, coarse hair known as guard hair. These two types of hair are actually designed to mat and tangle to form a hard shell or pelt around animals to keep their temperature under control in extreme climates.


It will not keep them in summer

Without proper brushing and grooming on a regular basis, this often happens, leading the owner to the wrong conclusion that the coat needs to be shaved to make the dog cool. However, shaving the hair of these dogs removes their insulation from the heat, which actually makes these dogs warmer and more uncomfortable. Shaving also increases their chances of getting sunburn.

It may permanently damage their coat

It is important to understand that if you decide to go ahead and shave these types of dogs anyway, their hair will never be the same again. Shaving will change the coat forever. Not only does the hair grow back very slowly, but it also grows very soft and sparsely. The color of the coat will also be different, as the hair will be at least two shades lighter than before.

In simple words, it simply means that the hair does not grow back. It is caused by a change in the guard’s hair when cut. Clipper alopecia usually develops first in a patch on the dog’s back, located just in front of the tail. After shaving, only the thin layer of hair will grow back there, usually reaching a maximum length of about half an inch.  This is not an attractive sight! it also increase

  • Increase risk of skin cancer & sunburn
  • It will not help to control human allergies
  • It will not decrease their shedding

Okay, so what if you have a dog that is attached to the skin and appears to be very hot in this summer season? Consult a properly trained groomer to determine the best course of action. With the many miracle beauty products present in the market, many times these coats can be saved with a few intense beauty sessions and some effort in the daily grooming of the owner. This optimizes the dog’s coat to perform its insulating functions properly. Sometimes, the coat is actually beyond repair and actually has to be shaved to begin with. Your groomer can help you in this decision and can give you clues on how to avoid this situation in the future.

Note: For mixed breed dogs are not part of the both groups. Most groomers can evaluate the dog’s coat on inspection so that you know which group the dog belongs to, and what kind of action to take, the risks involved, etc.

As a professional groomer, I strongly feel that it is the groomer’s responsibility to fully explain these things to customers willing to shave their dogs. It is important to share knowledge with customers in order to make the best possible decision for pet grooming needs.

How to Maintain A Double Coat

A double coat can be properly maintained if brushed properly. Aim to brush and bathe a dog with an undercoat to ensure that the undercoat sheds appropriately. If the bottom coat doesn’t get rid of its access hair properly twice a year, damage can occur. The double coat may be matted.

Once all of the trapped hair begins to collect under the mat of the primary coat, these loose hairs can become tangled with the primary hair of the topcoat. This is a situation that every dog owners want to avoid at all costs.

A double coat that is badly matted the you need professional grooming advice

All Double Coat Dog Breeds Need Extra Love

Double coat dog breeds require a little extra attention. Many of dog owners may not be aware of this.

When you look to dog grooming services, it is perfect to educate the pet owner about proper cleaning and grooming habits, especially if their dog had a double coat.

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation as a vehicle to educate a pet owner about things they may have overlooked.

Clipping is never the solution to a simple issue of coat maintenance. Be diligent Educate your customers on how to do best care for their pets.

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