Snow Dogs Breeds Who Were Made to Love Cold

Snow Dogs: 10 Breeds Who Were Made to Love Cold Weather

Snow Dogs

Snow dogs love to be outside in cold winter weather and don’t seem to be bothered by snow, slush and ice… however you may need to prepare yourself with extra clothing like heated gloves to keep you warm and shoes that grip the snow or your rugged outdoor dog could pull you down and drag you through the snow which might result in painful injuries for both you and your dog.

This article gives you 10 dog breeds that are ideal for cold winter weather, snow and wind.  You’ll also learn what makes your snow dog able to thrive in below freezing temperatures without the threat of health problems like frostbite or hypothermia.

10 Snow Dogs That Love Cold and Stormy Weather

You can see which breed might work for you in your environment after you read about these 10 breeds that are best suited for snowy weather.

All of these breeds are large breeds which means you need to have the strength to manage them on a leash in the snow.

  1. Alaskan Malamute – Known for their beautiful blue eyes, the Alaskan Malamute loves the snow and frigid weather. This arctic breed is often used for sledding because your Alaskan Malamute has a wooly undercoat and a coarse outer coat to keep him warm.
  2. Anatolian Shepherd – This Turkish breed protects livestock in the mountains which makes the Anatolian Shepherd extremely adaptable to cold weather, snow and harsh elements.
  3. Bernese mountain dog Snow dogs like the Bernese Mountain Dog come in different colors however they all have a thick double coat of fur that keeps them warm in cold weather.
Snow Dogs

4. Chow Chow – This breed has a very thick coat of fur that makes him look bigger than he really is underneath. Your Chow Chow loves to roll around in the snow and doesn’t mind the cold weather.

5. CollieThis breed became famous because of Lassie, the TV dog who always came to the rescue to save the day. Your collie has a fluffy thick coat that keeps him warm in the snow and also requires lots of grooming.

6. Labrador Retriever Ice and snow don’t bother your Labrador Retriever because of his water-repellent double coat which keeps him insulated against the cold weather. This breed is a great example of snow dogs that love to bury their noses in the snow sniffing for hidden treasures.

7. Newfoundland This breed has a water-resistant double coat that protects him from cold weather and snow. Your Newfoundland loves to play outdoors in the snow and may absorb lots of moisture he will bring indoors which will require a few towels to dry off.

8. Old English Sheep dog – This breed from England has a waterproof undercoat and only sheds when brushed. With a solid double coat of fur, the Old English Sheep dog is a great outdoor dog that loves the snow and cold weather.

9. Saint Bernard Your Saint Bernard originated in the Swiss Alps and joins the list of snow dogs that have a very thick coat of fur. He does very well in cold weather however this breed is not suited to warm climates.

10. Siberian Husky Long trips in the snow are easy for this Snow Dogs breed because your Siberian Husky has a thick double coat of fur. This is why Huskies are well know as sled dogs.

Now you know about 10 breeds that love the cold weather so you can choose a dog that’s suitable for snow, ice and slush.  The double coat of fur for all the breeds mentioned in this article is the common denominator that helps them stay warm.

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