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India has recently been building on the fact that pets are family too. There are a few new eateries across the country that welcome our furry friends. These Dog Cafe & Resort encourage pet-lovers and owners to bond with their pet kids and are a great way to unwind during the weekend. Here are some of the best dog cafes in Bangalore that have everything you need to be a dog lover.

Snoopy Paws Cafe-Yelahanka

Snoopy Paws Cafe, Yelahanka

Started by an ardent dog lover himself, Snoopy Paws Cafe is a recent addition to the list. Serving a humble continental menu, this dog cafe in Bangalore brings a bright theme for you and your furry friend with the surrounding greenery. The purpose of this cafe is to remind you of why we love dogs so much, to spare some time in praise of “man’s best friend,” the dog.”

Toit- Indiranagar- Dog friendly Cafe

toit-dog-friendly cafe

Toit is a popular place for those who want to visit a pub during the weekend. So, if you are looking to enjoy a good beer with your pet friend for a change, then this cozy dog-friendly pub in Bangalore is the place for you. In addition to serving craft beer, the restaurant also offers a trendy ambiance and great live music.

Eddy's Cafe

EddysCafe-dog friendly

Eddie’s Café is a small food joint that serves delectable all-day-breakfast options. A great restaurant to spend with your dog, Eddie’s Café has indoor seating as well as outdoor seating options in addition to a smoking area. This adorable dog-friendly cafe is perfect for the Sunday brunch scene with your pet.

Ella’s Petscape Café

EllasPetscape-dog cafe

This fast-food dog cafe in Bangalore is an adorable place for both parents and their furry companions. The food is simple but very tasty with refreshing spirits and also takes care of your pet’s appetite well. The cafe is spacious so that your little friends can hang out and have some fun together. The place has been very tastefully designed to suit each and every one of their guests.

Zoey's-Good Vibes Only

Zoey's-Good Vibes Only-dog cafe

Zoey’s is a pet-friendly and kid-friendly place, therefore, makes for a perfect weekend family brunch outing. Situated in a peaceful location, Zoey’s Cafe also offers board games! Visit this eatery to be greeted by some kind and friendly staff.

TherPup- The Dog Cafe

therpup-dog cafe

TherPUP Cafe is the perfect place to freshen up with good food and some of the cutest dogs around. All you need to do is buy a cover charge ticket to hang out with these fur dudes. With a relaxing ambiance and an open pool on weekends, Therape will host a pleasant experience at affordable rates. The friendly staff here is an added experience to a good day with the dogs.

Mighty Paws

Mighty Paws-dog cafe

This simple, cute, little dog cafe on Pocket in Bangalore is the ultimate hangout spot with friends. This suburban eatery has great pastries and waffles and fine beverages to go with these bites. The wooden interiors and verdant atmosphere give the space a very bohemian vibe. The friendly staff here helps you choose from a wide variety of sweets and finger bites.

Sunny’s, Lavelle Road

Sunny’s, Lavelle Road-dog friendly cafe

Sunny is a bar and casual dining restaurant that perfectly exemplifies the East-meets-West trend. The decor is upmarket and the place is very classy. The menu features Italian, Continental and European cuisine.Adding to that, the place is pet-friendly. Perfect spot for that Sunday brunch with your pet pooch

Cafe Pin Me Down

Cafe Pin Me Down

Pin Me Down is a popular youth eatery. With comfortable seating, the restaurant has an upper level where you can order wine. An LGBTQIA+ welcoming eatery, Pin Me Down also offers karaoke and dance nights. This dog cafe in Bangalore is perfect for a fun-filled evening with your pets and your friends. your pets and your friends.

Rasta Cafe

Rasta cafe- dog friendly

Rasta Cafe will welcome you with a comfortable ambiance designed within the hut structure with lush greenery surrounding the cafe for your pets to roam around. In addition to chilling with furry friends, visitors can also bond over a cup of joe with your friends or a date. This dog cafe in Bangalore is also a great hub for hookah lovers.

Green Theory' Vegan-friendly, Pet-friendly, Vegetarian Restaurant and Café

Vegan India! Green Theory' Vegan-friendly, Pet-friendly, Vegetarian Restaurant and Café

“Born 10 years ago in a colonial style bungalow, Green Theory is an eclectic cafe / restaurant, pantry and community that serves a global cuisine with delicacies for every taste. As a restaurant, Green Theory is a vegetarian space that loves to experiment with food and play with flavour. 

The Hole in the Wall Cafe

The Hole in the Wall Cafe

“A landmark legendary All- Day Diner with Breakfast, lunch and dinner options. We serve Burgers, pasta, Sandwiches, Breakfast spread, waffles, pancakes and beverages! Your absolute go-to-place for any meal of the day!”

The Teal Door Cafe

The Teal Door Cafe

As the name suggests, the cafe has teal accents and plants are planted around to give it an indoor-outdoor feel. They serve Continental Delish with Modern Indian Bite. The ambiance and decor are lovely and cozy, considering its rooftop location and the light movable teal. You can also choose indoor seating or crawl up to the private and comfortable seating booth at the top. You will love the alfresco atmosphere surrounded by lush green leaves and enjoy your wonderful plate.

Petcart Nest (An exquisite Dog Cafe & resort )

Petcart Nest (An exquisite pet resort )

PETCART NEST – An exquisite Pet Resort by PETCART Give your Pets a fun holiday, an Exquisite Pet Resort with world class facilities! Nest is the first of-its-kind Pet Resort in Bangalore, India that caters to all needs of your pets. So get ready, pack their bags, & send them on the best holiday of their life.

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