Shih Tzu’s Anxiety- Causes and Overcome

Shih Tzu’s Anxiety- Causes and Overcome

Shih Tzu’s Anxiety

Shih Tzu’s Anxiety which can be very annoying and disturbing. The problem with a Shih tzu with this disorder is that he becomes insecure when you leave the house and he exhibits distress. The most common Shih Tzu behaviours caused by separation anxiety may include the following.

  • Destructive behaviour like inappropriate chewing of things in the house, scratching doors and windows, digging
  • Non-stop barking, whining, howling and crying
  • Untimely urinating and soiling the house indoors
  • Panic attacks, diarrhea, lack of appetite, etc.

What Causes Your Shih Tzu’s Anxiety?

From your Shih Tzu puppy training, to his care and health maintenance, you have given all your dog’s needs. That made you his most important friend. He became very sociable and loyal to you that he would not want a minute with you out of sight. Is that hard to understand that when you leave the house or is simply preparing to leave, he gets agitated and uneasy?

It’s common that your dog shows some problems because he is undergoing some levels of anxiety and distress like being confused; he doesn’t know where you’re going and if you’re coming back. All your Shih Tzu wants is to be reunited with you.

Shih Tzu Health Problems

Your Shih Tzu Can Overcome Separation Anxiety

There are many theories and treatments if your Shih Tzu problems include separation anxiety. Some tips maybe from acquaintances when you placed your dog into Shih Tzu puppy training or from your vet.

  1. The duties of a responsible dog owner like providing safe and comfortable living condition, exercise and obedience training must always continue while you program to help your Shih Tzu overcome his separation anxiety. You may find the following methods applicable. Changing Routine: If your morning routine starts with the sound of the alarm clock and your dog become agitated, more likely he has associated that sound as a signal that you are leaving him behind. Change your daily routine and create variations so that your Shih Tzu’s anxiety will be reduced.
  2. Don’t Encourage Separation Anxiety: When you are leaving and when you come home, don’t give your Shih Tzu attention. That encourages the anxiety. It would be easy for your dog to overcome separation anxiety if you can disassociate him with your leaving, coming and attention. Don’t give him any attention when you leave and allow a few minutes when you come home before you pay attention to him.
  1. Gradually Lengthen the Times: Start by leaving the house for a short time, after a few seconds return inside. The anxiety can be reversed by changing your Shih Tzu’s anticipation about how long you’ll be away and when you’ll be back. He will learn that every time you leave you come back. It will eventually become not a big deal, and you can lengthen the time of separation from your dog.

4. Make use of anxiety dog wraps: There are many products available out there that can help make your dog feel secure in your absence. Invest in this product and you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet will feel secure and comfortable while you are away.

Let’s make it clear that anxiety is your Shih Tzu’s behavior caused by separation from you and not of being alone. So, you are not supposed to give him another dog companion; but you have to solve this problem gradually and surely you’ll get results.

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