Puppy Care: 5 Ways to Beat Health Hazards

Puppy Care: 5 Ways to Beat Health Hazards for Your Pup

puppy care

Puppy care often includes immediate life saving decisions for your pup if accidents happen like when your inquisitive new puppy grabs a tennis ball and swallows it up which requires expensive emergency surgery before this blockage results in a tragic loss that could have been prevented if you keep your puppy away from things like dangerous toys or harmful toxins like chocolate, grapes and chewing gum with xylitol.

This news brief gives you insight into the care you need to provide for your puppy so you can keep your pup well whether your dog is home or with other dogs, family members and strangers.

Puppy Care: 5 Ways You Can Help Your Pup Stay Healthy

  1. Toys – Your puppy may think that everything in his environment belongs to him even if it’s your shoes, smart phone and your furniture, including your pillows. In order to protect your puppy from harm, because things will happen when you’re not looking, it’s best to give your puppy the safest toys possible that are not toxic, can’t be swallowed and will keep your puppy busy for hours through the teething months too.

2. Outdoors – Your puppy will be curious about the world around him which means that he needs supervision when outdoors in any location. The best things to remember for your puppy care is to purchase safe leashes and collars that won’t hurt your puppy while they ensure that your puppy’s head won’t slip out of the collar. One other top hazard for your puppy is the weather and you can’t take any chances in the heat or freezing temperatures so your puppy doesn’t become dehydrated, burn his paws on hot pavement or eat toxic substances like antifreeze or chewing gum in the street.

puppy care

3. Socialization/Pet Sitters –  Your puppy is fragile, playful and has a very sharp set of first teeth.  This means that one of your top puppy care responsibilities is that your puppy needs to be under supervision with children, adults and other animals so you can prevent accidents like falls off of furniture, bites or the chance that your puppy might eat toxic human foods or substances.  If you need to leave your puppy in the hands of a pet sitter, family members or friends, it’s critical for your puppy’s health that you provide rules that are not negotiable for your puppy’s welfare.

4. Toxins – Your puppy can get into your cabinets, drawers, pockets, handbags, grocery bags, garbage and the food on your table and end up eating toxic human foods or poisonous substances like cleaning products or even soap in your bathroom.  The best puppy care strategy to prevent accidents like these is to puppy proof your home before your puppy is brought into your house.

5. Training – Your puppy needs to learn who’s the boss so he grows into a well behaved adult dog. This means that you may want to look into puppy school or a professional dog trainer to help you learn the best ways to use force free training to keep your dog healthy and safe.

Note:  We enchantingpets also recommends that you learn about dog health insurance to discover if it’s the right puppy care 

strategy for you to keep your dog healthy at an affordable price so you can make sure your puppy gets the best possible life long medical care if needed.

This news brief gives you 5 ways you can help your puppy stay healthy so you can avoid hazards that might harm your puppy.

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