Hotel for Dogs- top 5 Must Haves

Hotel for Dogs? “Must Haves” Before You Board Your Dog

Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for dogs sounds like a perfect option when you need to board your dog overnight and you think she’ll be safe inside a kennel or fancy pet hotel with trained employees until you hear about boarded dogs that have had freak accidents or falls that require expensive surgery… or even worse, your dog might not be treated the way you expected if you don’t address all the details before you drop her off and leave her to go off on a vacation.

This article gives you strict guidelines to keep your boarded dog safe no matter where she’s at if you need to kennel your dog.

Hotel for Dogs: 5 “Must Haves” Before You Leave Your Dog with the Doorman

Ask for a facility tour if you plan to leave your dog in a kennel or dog hotel.  As part of the tour be sure to interview all the employees who will care for your dog.

When you’re satisfied with the location and staff, put these must haves in writing and have the facility owner sign and date your document.

Facts About Dogs

These are the top 5 “must haves” you need to put in writing when you decide to kennel your dog at a fancy dog hotel or a local boarding facility.

  1. Non-toxic cleaning products – The first item you must ask for is non-toxic cleaning products in a hotel for dogs, a boarding facility or kennel.  Products that contain chlorine can be fatal if your dog licks the floor or other surfaces that have been washed with toxic cleaning detergents.  You should also ask the facility to remove your dog from her cage while it’s being cleaned.  Toxic cleaning products often contain acids, alkali and alcohol which can cause your dog to develop liver or kidney damage.
  2. Heat and A/C – The second item to verify is that the place you pick to board your dog has proper heating and air-conditioning so your dog is not too cold or too hot. Visit the hotel for dogs or the kennel and check out the space to make sure you see exactly where your dog will play and sleep so there are no surprises.


3. Water and food – Request fresh clean water for your dog all day and night. You may want to provide the facility with bottled water and write out exactly how much to give your dog.  Bring your own bowls for water and food.  Give the facility written instructions for how much food and treats to give your dog.

4. Questions – Give the facility all the phone numbers they need to reach you with questions. This means you want to give the hotel for dogs or the kennel your mobile, landline and work numbers.  Let them know that no question is too small and they can call you 24/7.

5. Emergency Numbers – Finally, give the facility emergency numbers for your veterinarian and local animal emergency hospital. Authorize the employees to get emergency help for your dog if they can’t reach you for any reason.

Now you’ve read about the 5 “must haves” when you choose to kennel your dog safely.  You can add other conditions to this list that will address any health issues or care requirement that will make your dog’s boarding experience as pleasant as possible.

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