Staffordshire Bull The Terrier Dog

They are loyal and protective, soft hearted with children and well going towards family pets. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are aggressive towards strange dogs and are dominating natured; they will not accept any superiority of other dogs. The breed is curious to strangers and able to assume watchdog duties, however the breed had great concern with human, they may not prove good watchdog for property..

Staffordshire Bull Terrier The Terrier Dog Overview

An obedient companion, Staffordshire Bull Terrier The Terrier Dog is a complete package for well populated active family, each of the family member can find its interest and lifestyle from its multi-aspect personality. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs are very playful and active. They are keen interested in family routine and are eager to be involved, they urge to remain touched with owner. They are possessive towards their central position. They make the family members entertained and cheered up.

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