Rhodesian Ridgeback The Hound Dog

Rhodesian Ridgeback The Hound Dog Overview

A versatile and widespread hunter, the Rhodesian Ridgeback the hound dog is a very alert, bold and aggressive hunter when on the field. It is a perfect hunter and protector alike. They are sensitive to their families and are more concerned about their safety. Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs are very loyal and devoted with all members, they play and love the family, making them happy. The dog is highly energetic, powerful and self-confident, capable of working for extended periods. The breed is said to be a self-sufficient, high-willed and sensible dog, quite aloof from unknowns and sometimes having a violent attitude towards other dogs. In order to keep other animals with the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, socialization during the puppyhood age is imperative.

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