Otterhound the hound dog overview

Otterhound The Hound Dog Overview

The Otterhound the hound dog is a strong, energetic and sensitive hunting dog. This active but boisterous dog is quite challenging in training. Its hunting nature impels the dog to track the mammals, once the dog has found trail, it is almost impossible to distract from its quarry. It will however give chase to small animals though the Otterhounds are not developed to kill its target. The dog is eager to be applied for tasks and passionate to hunt, sniff and discover. The dog can accurately follow the trails of otters. Although stubborn, the dog is very friendly, loving and caring to family, remains playful and lively and gentle to children. The Otterhounds are not said to be the traditional pets, as these were not used as family companion in its early periods, however, the dog is quite restrained and could be trained for house companion.

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