The health benefits of having a dog?

What Can A Dog Do For You?

If you’ve ever owned a dog and sadly felt its loss, you know how much he meant to you and how much he gives health benefits to you.  Now you can truly say that a dog was part of your family because you felt this great relationship.

A dog brings a lot to our lives and the lives of our families, yet we can sometimes ignore just how much.

While the dog brings us unconditional love, there are still many more real and practical health benefits to improve, such as emotional, physical, social and psychological benefits.

The health benefits of having a dog?

Improving mental health

Today, studies further show that pets improve our mental health conditions. Many years ago, dogs were brought to psychiatric hospital wards as tests to calm patients, as well as encouraging these patients to cooperate. Today, we know that dogs can drastically improve our mood.

Have you ever gotten hurt or fallen into a dump and had your dog bring his ball to play? How did it make you feel, especially if he was hanging his tail by painting while looking into your eyes? Perhaps your mood has changed and you started playing ball with your poach. 

health benefits

A perfect example of how a dog can automatically change your mood and throw you into a frenzy. Unconditional love offered by dogs can also release positive chemicals into the brain, avoiding negative stressor chemicals (such as cortisol) found in flight or fighting syndrome. When positive events are experienced, mental health is greatly improved.

Improve sensitive status

Dogs greatly improve the mental state of their owners. Have you ever owned a dog and it came to you automatically when you cried and shed your tears? Studies show that a dog is instinctively responsive to its owner’s emotions and therefore will respond to them easily. Dog owners have been shown to be happier in studies than non-dog owners.

Help with physical health benefits

Through research we now know that people who have dogs as pets are healthier than non-dog owners. Dog owners have a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. For people with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or infectious diseases, their dogs are often able to help and warn their owners when a negative episode is about to occur. It could actually save their owner’s life!

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Contribute to socialization and wellness

A dog can help prevent frustration, anxiety and panic. Having a dog is a great way to socialize and a great way to get out of it.

Socialization is important for your dog’s well-being. This is a great reason for you to get out of the house and have some fresh air with your dog. Walking, jogging, running and mountaineering are great ways to keep in shape for both you and your dog. You could even include swimming and cycling! There are many owners who socialize their dog in this way, enabling both you and your night friend to keep fit and trim.

Dogs are outstanding animals to help improve their human lives. I hope you all have dogs in your home – you won’t regret. I always had a dog in my home and I can’t think without them.

Here’s a question: Did you know that dog annoyance is very common and if left untreated it can create a psychological problem known as separation anxiety that can become quite severe until corrected. And you can fix the problem by shaking it quickly before the problem gets too big. 

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