How to Train a Shih Tzu: Why You Should Know

How to Train a Shih Tzu: Why You Should Know.

How to Train a Shih Tzu

One of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world is the huggable Shih Tzu. It’s just sad many owners don’t take time to learn how to train a Shih Tzu, assuming that they cannot cause much trouble as a small dog. However, a Shih Tzu while small and cute, is one of the more rambunctious dog breeds and can be stubborn when it comes to following commands. Proper Shih Tzu dog training should start while your dog is young.

How to Train a Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu dog’s behaviour is unique in many ways. First, the dog will be perfectly happy just spending all of his time with you. As companion dogs, they are bred to be attached at the hip to their owner no matter where you go. However, that attachment can also lead to a dominant behaviour and if they are not properly socialized with other dogs, there can be a number of behaviour issues.

How to Train a Shih Tzu

How to Train a Shih Tzu

The first thing you need to do when training a Shih Tzu is to take control of the household. You may not know it, that cute little dog thinks he is in charge of the house and will do whatever he needs to show you as such if you let him. Therefore, you need to establish boundaries and show that you are the leader of the pack.

Here are some Shih Tzu dog training basics to maintain alpha leadership over your dog:

Feeding the Dog: Feed your Shih Tzu at set intervals. Don’t let the dog dictate his time whenever he wants to eat.

 Walking the Dog: Walk your Shih Tzu twice a day or more with you in control of the walk. Don’t let the Shih Tzu behaviour that pulls on the leash to go to any direction. When learning how to train a Shih Tzu, leash control is a very important part of dog training.

 Getting on Furniture: With a lovable and cute dog like a Shih Tzu, it is easy to let the dog jump up wherever he pleases. As the leader of the house and learning some Shih Tzu Training tips you can control your space and set rules. Never give in to barking or whining and set boundaries on what furniture the dog is allowed to get on.

Coming and Going: Ignore your dog when you come and go from the house. Only pay attention to your Shih Tzu when he behaves calmly and relaxed. Getting excited when you come and go is associated with dog anxiety which is a Shih Tzu behaviour that can be corrected.

You need to be the alpha leader to make your Shih Tzu learn how to follow and recognize that you are in charge.

Optimizing Mental Stimulation: A Shih Tzu can be that tired but still don’t get sufficient mental stimulation. Play fetch or go to parks with your dog to teach basic commands such as sit, stay, speak, quiet, fetch and all you want him to learn.

The Shih Tzu training tips when learned by your dog reduce the chances of your dog to challenge you and to be overwhelmed with energy and boredom. It will remove much of the bad behaviour issues from your super active and hairy little friend.

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