Shih Tzu Health Problems and How to Avoid Them

Shih Tzu Health Problems

Shih Tzu Health Problems

When we talk about Shih Tzu health problems that can affect the health of your puppy. Undetermined dog’s ailments can result to costly treatments and it can ruin your emotions if you will not attend to it immediately in the most effective way. Providing the solution to a dog’s health issue is humane but learning to prevent them is better because it can make you happy if your Shih Tzu behavior improves day to day.

Shih Tzu Health Problems and How to Avoid Them

A Shih Tzu suffering from any health disorder cannot speak for himself. A human can always complain about anything like “I have a high fever” but a dog will only suffer quietly. You need to be familiar with your Shih Tzu’s behavior to know and feel if there is pain that needs immediate attention.

Health Problems

Infections: There are many parts in a dog’s body that can get infected. A Shih Tzu can have infections in the ears, eyes, skin, or teeth. Ear infection is very common among dogs because of their large ears capable of catching bacteria and other pollutants. Watch out for the following signs of infections: red spots, swelling, excess moisture, and dirt that may have entered the ears. It is easy to prevent infections.

    • Clean the ears and eyes if necessary to avoid bacteria build up.
    • Brush the teeth and hair regularly to keep them healthy.

Allergies: There are many forms of allergies in dogs. A Shih Tzu health problems can be commonly infected with flea.  It causes too much itch and scratching can cause red hot spots on the skin which may lead to infection. There is a flea medication for your

Shih Tzu problem like this one. Your dog must have this medication once a month. There is also a possible food allergy that can affect your dog that results to infections and hot spots. Get your Shih Tzu a vet check up regularly to prevent smaller problems from getting big.

Diabetes: People and dogs share the same health issues in many ways. Diabetes is one of them. What causes diabetes? Eating too much fatty and sugar rich foods causes pancreatic problems that lead to this disease. To avoid diabetes, Shih Tzu feeding must be controlled. Give him a strict diet of dog foods, or else you will have to see a vet for diabetes shots.

Obesity: Once you see an obese person, you’ll have the idea that this person eats too much. The same is true with your dog. If your Shih Tzu feeding is not controlled and your dog does not get enough exercise, obesity is likely to develop. This problem doesn’t cause death but it leads to several ailments like heart failure, liver disease, tumor, and skin diseases. To prevent the problems caused by obesity it is important to place your Shih Tzu under a guarded diet and regular vet check up.

The very well known saying…”An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” holds true when it comes to your Shih Tzu dogs. Let them have enough exercise, the right kinds of food and always keep them clean and well-groomed to avoid Shih Tzu health problems.

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