Dog Health: 8 Ways to Raise Your Dog To Be Fit and Trim

Dog Health: 8 Ways to Raise Your Dog To Be Fit and Trim

Dog Health

As your puppy grows, you want to make sure that you create good dog health habits in your dog’s environment to prevent your dog from harmful temptations like toxic table scraps and too many treats that may make your dog fat and lazy with too little exercise.

This article gives you ways to raise your dog including meals and exercise so your dog has a long and healthy life without adding extra dog health expenses to your budget.

Dog Health: 8 Ways to Raise Your Dog to be Healthy

Dog Health
  1. Play – Your puppy loves to play and be active all day long which keeps your puppy trim and healthy. You can encourage your dog to play games with balls, toys, tug of war and a Frisbee to name a few. Try blowing bubbles and have your dog chase them or just tickle your dog and get her to move around and stretch. Another simple idea is to go for walks with your dog every day.
  1. Day Care – Your puppy may get more exercise when she’s with other dogs and improve her overall dog health. You may want to bring your dog to a doggie day care facility once or twice a week to help her get more physical activity and develop better social skills.
  2. Dog Park – Take your dog outdoors and check out your local dog park so your dog can run freely and get more exercise. Fresh air and walking your dog daily is the best way to keep your dog healthy.
  3. Meals – You can raise your dog with a consistent meal plan that doesn’t include extra handfuls of snacks or treats in between your dog’s breakfast and dinner. After your puppy becomes an adult dog, she may not need as many calories in her daily diet to attain optimum dog health. Check with your vet so you don’t overfeed your dog and make it difficult for your dog to stay fit and trim.
  4. Nutrition – You can ask your vet for help to create a nutritionally balanced diet for your dog that includes affordable dog food and fresh fruit, vegetables and supplements to keep your dog healthy.
  5.  Treats – Just like children and adults, you can overdo it when you give your dog treats for being a “good dog.” These innocent displays of kindness put on extra pounds that your dog has to work extra hard to burn off.
  6. Role Model – You may not be surprised how your lifestyle can influence your dog health routine. If you’re inactive and eat a diet that’s high in sugar and fat, you may be giving your dog a diet and exercise routine that reflects your habits. The best way to raise your dog to be healthy is to set a good example and make healthy habits a priority for the whole family.
  1. Work & Earn Program – You can add more movement to your dog’s day for increased dog health results.Your dog learns how to earn everything like walks, toys, water and playtime by completing a task like sitting or lying down. This activity adds extra steps to your dog’s physical exercise and your dog will be happy to work for the things she likes to do.

2. Find a Toy – You can teach your dog to respond to “Find It” if you start with hidden treats that your dog noses out behind furniture or in other rooms in your home. Then, you can replace the treats with toys and get your dog to search for his toys and get some exercise at the same time.

  1. Organized Sports – Increase dog health by adding more sports to your dog’s daily schedule like Musical Freestyle (dancing with your dog), Frisbee, Agility, Tracking and Herding. These are just a few of the exciting activities you can play with your dog to keep her active and healthy.

You’ve just read about healthy ways to raise your dog including sports and activities for daily exercise that will help you keep your dog healthy at an affordable price.  If you use this strategy you will also keep you and your family healthy at the same time.

Share this article with your friends and family so they are informed about how to keep their dog healthy and don’t end up with an overweight dog that can develop illnesses like diabetes. 

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