Healthy Dog Food: Fast Food Can Hurt Your Dog

Healthy Dog Food: Why Your Fast Food Can Hurt Your Dog

Healthy Dog Food

Healthy dog food ingredients start with protein so you might think it’s perfectly fine to treat your dog to a tasty fast food meal like a burger when you’re in a rush, however, your dog may end up with pancreatitis after he eats a fatty burger so you might want to think twice before you head for the drive-thru so you don’t harm your dog and have to drive to your local veterinary hospital after you and your dog have a fast food dinner.

This article gives you facts about fast food and why you don’t want to feed it to your dog.

Healthy Dog Food: 5 Reasons Why Fast Food Can Be Toxic For Your Dog

Healthy Dog Food
  1. Beef – Your dog can get very sick after he eats a burger from a fast food chain like Burger King even if you only give your dog the beef without the bun. The fat in fast foods may cause your dog to vomit and have diarrhea.  Some breeds like Yorkshire terriers are more susceptible to pancreatitis if they eat foods high in fat.
  2. Bun – The top 8 ingredients in buns are enriched flour, water, sugar, sesame seeds, vegetable shortening, salt, wheat gluten and yeast. Healthy dog food does not have any of these ingredients. Your dog can get extremely sick from the ingredients in a hamburger bun. Sugar, salt and yeast are toxic for your dog and can cause diabetes, dehydration and intestinal problems.
  3. Processed American Cheese – Your dog may be lactose intolerant and processed cheese is usually loaded with salt. For these 2 reasons you should keep your dog away from drive-thru fast food restaurants because your dog can suffer from diarrhea, upset stomach and excessive gas after he eats a burger with cheese.
  4. Onions and Garlic – There’s a good chance that the fast food restaurant you go to puts onion and garlic in the beef for their burgers and adds sliced onions as a topping with the lettuce and tomatoes. Healthy dog food does not have onions or garlic as an ingredient because they are toxic for your dog and can cause damage to your dog’s red blood cells. Your dog can also get weak, be reluctant to move and tire easily after exercise.
  5. French Fries – The two ingredients that make french fries highly toxic for your dog are oil and salt. Your dog’s digestive system has trouble with high fat foods and your dog can get dehydrated from the extra salt.

Surprising Statistics about People Who Feed Fast Food to Their Dogs

  • According to CNBC, 1 of every 6 American households order fast food for their dog when they go out for a quick meal. This means that 83% of American households opt for healthy dog food for their dog even if they eat fast food for dinner.
  • 33% of dog owners go to a fast food drive-thru with their dog and 4 out of 5 order a special meal for their dog.
  • The survey done by Relevation Research reports that the most popular fast food restaurant was McDonald’s, followed by Burger King and Wendy’s.
  • Male diners visited their favorite fast food restaurant with their dog twice as much as women.

This article gives you 5 reasons why fast food can be toxic for your dog so you have the relevant information you need to keep your dog well and feed your dog healthy dog food.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have the information they need to take care of their dog’s health when it comes to fast food.

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