Dog Choking: Know the Dangers of Dog Collars

Dog Choking: Know the Dangers of Dog Collars

Dog Choking

The fear of your dog choking can concern you when your dog pulls hard on his leash which forces his collar to dig deep into his neck and makes him cough… or even worse you worry about your dog at home alone because his collar and tags could get stuck on something and cause him to choke before you can help him get out of his collar.

This article gives you tips on dog collar safety to help you keep your dog out of harm’s way.  I hope when you read this article you’ll use these tips to prevent your dog from choking because of his collar’s poor fit or his dog tags.

Prevent Dog Choking: Steps to Check the Correct Fit of Your Dog’s Collar

First, check out whether your dog’s collar is the right one for your dog’s age, size and breed.  Here’s how to get the right size collar for your dog.

  • Use a soft measuring tape to measure the top part of your dog’s neck and add 1 inch. This part of your dog’s neck is the narrowest part.
  • Slide your index and middle finger under your dog’s collar to check that it’s not too tight. Your dog’s collar should fit snugly so it won’t to slip over your dog’s ears.

3 Dog Choking Dangers from Dog Collars & Tags

Dog Choking

Second, here are 3 dangers to avoid that will help prevent your dog from choking due to his collar.

  1. Tight Collar – Your dog’s tight collar could restrict his airway and make it difficult for your dog to breath. Tight dog collars also cause chafing around your dog’s neck which can lead to skin irritations.

2. Loose Collar – Your dog’s loose collar can easily slide off. This means that your dog’s collar could get caught on gates, furniture, bushes and other dogs when they play.  The risk for your dog is choking or suffocation if he’s unsupervised or home alone.

3. Tags on Collar – Dog tags can get caught on things like your dog’s crate, furniture or bushes. Your dog may twist and turn to get loose which could have fatal results from choking.

6 Tips to Prevent Dog Choking Injuries & Accidents

Lastly, here are 6 valuable tips to help you keep your dog safe from injuries due to his collar.

  1. Micro chipping – One strategy to protect your dog from collar injuries and choking is to get your dog micro chipped. Your dog also has a better chance to be found if he’s gone missing because his collar and tags could easily be removed by someone who might want to steal your dog.

2. Break-Away Collars – These collars will unsnap when it gets stuck on something like your dog’s crate or a bush. Dog choking accidents can happen in the blink of your eye which means you need to supervise your dog at all times.

3. Collar Free – Consider removing your dog’s collar when he sleeps or is home alone, plays with other dogs, and when your dog is asleep at night.  This way, your dog won’t be in danger of choking from his collar or dog tags when you’re not able to be with him.

4. Boarding and Doggie Day Care – Discuss your collar on and collar off rules with the owner of all dog boarding and day care centres so your dog is safe in their facility and with other dogs at play.

5. Dog Sitters & Dog Walkers – Instruct your dog sitters and walkers on your collar rules and dog choking safety so they understand the do’s and don’ts to keep your dog safe inside and on walks. This includes being careful not to pull your dog with his leash and cause harm to your dog’s neck and throat.

6. Groomers – You may want to give you groomer specific instructions about your dog’s collar when they wash and dry your dog for safety. Soapy fur becomes slippery and collars can slide off while your dog gets lathered up.  To prevent accidents, always require that your dog is supervised and never left alone while they are at your groomers.

You’ve just read about the dangers of dog collars and how to prevent dog choking which will help you keep your dog safe from accidents and injuries that could result from your dog’s collar and dog tags.  Freak accidents like dog’s choking by his own collar can happen in seconds so I hope this information gives you all the tips you need for your dog’s safety.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have ways to keep their dog safe from accidents, injuries or choking as a result of their dog’s collar.

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