Doglovers: 7 Ways to Give Healthy Dog Gifts

Doglovers: 7 Ways to Give Healthy Dog Gifts


Doglovers like you may be tempted to overspend on gifts for your dog because he’s part of your family and you think he’ll love you more when you bring home toys, treats and holiday costumes… however you might spend your money more wisely if you could also help other less fortunate dogs in shelters or give a donation to a dog for life-saving surgery.

This article gives you 7 ways to spend your time or money on healthy gifts for dogs all over the world 24/7.  There are millions of dogs who could benefit from your small act of kindness that only costs a few dollars or takes an hour out of your life.

7 Ways for Doglovers to Give Healthy Gifts

Consider one of these 7 gift ideas that could save a dog’s life the next time you buy treats and gifts for your dog.  Share your healthy gift giving ideas in the comments section below so other dog owners can help dogs too.

  1. Donate – You can donate any amount of money to your local animal rescues to help feed dogs that wait for adoption. Small contributions to “Go Fund Me” fundraisers pay for medical expenses and save lives.  Even one annual doglovers‘ donation on your dog’s birthday could make a big difference to a sick or injured dog.  The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have gift programs that start as low as $19 a month to help an animal in need.
  2. Walk a dog – Offer to be available if you know someone in your neighborhood who needs a little help to walk their dog. Older adults appreciate assistance in bad weather so their dog has a chance to get outside to do their business.
  3. Groomer gift card – As doglovers, you can give a gift certificate to someone who may not be able to afford to have their dog groomed. Some of the benefits of grooming for any dog include skin care, nail clipping and a good check for fleas and ticks that could be hiding under matted fur.
  4. Dog health insurance – This gift is good for any dog’s health. You may want to think about giving dog health insurance coverage for holiday gifts.
  5. Dog sitting – Dog owners are always grateful when people they trust offer to stay with their dog. If you don’t have the time to dog sit yourself, you can offer to pay for a dog sitter as a gift.  Everyone benefits including doglovers who no longer have a dog and now have a chance to be with someone else’s dog.

6. Foster a dog – Many shelters need help to care for dogs who have not been adopted. You can check out options with your local animal shelter to see what works for your budget and lifestyle.

7. Acts of kindness – There are no limits for ways to give healthy gifts to dogs in need. This means you can be creative about your choice to help an animal or a cause.   One easy way to help is the gift of clean used towels, sheets and blankets to shelters and animal hospitals.

Now you’ve read about 7 ways doglovers like you can give healthy gifts to dogs so they can enjoy a quality life.  As you can see, unconditional love goes a long way.  Whatever you can do to recognize and acknowledge the good work of others in the area of dog health can help millions of dogs and dog loving owners.

Share this article with your friends and family to spread the word about how they can do acts of kindness to help other dogs in need.

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