Best Apartment Dogs: Breeds & Traits for Tight Quarters

Best Apartment Dogs: Breeds & Traits for Tight Quarters

The best apartment dogs have behavior and other qualities that are more suited for small spaces if your living quarters are under 1,000 square feet so you may want to carefully consider what dog breed will work the best in your apartment or condominium because you don’t want to find out that your dog’s health is at risk in your tiny home and she develops chronic problems like separation anxiety or obesity that will add to your dog health budget and affect your dog’s quality of life.

This news brief gives you a list of dog breeds that are best suited for small spaces and what traits to avoid so you can make the best choice when you’re looking for your next apartment friendly dog.

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Best Apartment Dogs: 27 Popular Dog Breeds that Love Tight Quarters

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  1. Basenji – This breed works well in a small space however your Basenji may get mischievous if left alone for too long.
  2. Bichon Frise A bonus with this breed is that the Bichon Frise is great for people with allergies and also fits well in tight quarters.
  3. Boston Terrier – You can count on your Boston Terrier to become your close friend in your apartment or condo however she might be on the hyper side and need extra outdoor exercise.
  4. Brussels Griffon – Another breed that qualifies to be on the ‘Best Apartment Dogs’ list because this dog thrives on snuggling is the Brussels Griffon. This fluff ball of a dog will be extremely happy in a small apartment as long as you pay lots of attention to your dog.
  5. Cavalier King Charles SpanielOne challenge with this breed is house training however your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a calm dog and loves to cuddle.
  6. Chihuahua One of the smallest breeds, the Chihuahua can be untrusting with strangers and bark often although your dog will feel safe and happy in a small apartment.

7. Chinese Crested The best apartment dogs are perfectly happy to just hang out. If you want a laid back dog that adapts well to members of the family that may need extra care or be bedridden, the Chinese Crested is the dog for you.

8. Coton de Tulear – The Coton de Tulear is just plain happy and will settle into your tight quarters with ease.

9. Dachshund It’s easy for this adorable breed with short legs to be comfortable in your small apartment.

10. English Cocker Spaniel The lovable English Cocker Spaniel wants to be social and doesn’t need a large home to roam around in.

11. English or French Bulldog These breeds are one of the best apartment dogs because they are compact in size and rarely bark.


12. Fox Terrier – If you want a dog to cuddle with in your apartment, a Fox Terrier is a perfect choice.

13. Great Dane The biggest surprise of all is that your Great Dane is a great roommate if you want a full size lazy companion in your small scale apartment.

14. Greyhound Surprisingly, this elegant breed with lanky legs is perfectly happy in a small apartment as long as you give your Greyhound one good run outdoors each day.

15. Havanese Be prepared to spend time with your dog because your this small dog wants to be with you 24/7. Your Havanese is high on the list of best apartment dogs because he’s easy to please and doesn’t require long walks every day.

16. Japanese Chin – A low maintenance breed, your Japanese Chin moves around with catlike agility and is quite at home in tight quarters.

17. Lhasa Apso – This tiny breed is a good fit in a small apartment and all you need to do is brush your dog weekly.

18. Maltese Your beautiful Maltese doesn’t shed however, she may have separation anxiety and needs lots of company.

19. Manchester Terrier – This breed is great in small spaces except for a tendency to bark and be destructive when left alone.

20. Miniature Pinscher – One challenge with your Miniature Pinscher, even though this breed is on the best apartment dogs list is that she’s not great with kids and is also suspicious of strangers. A good plan is to work on socialization with a trainer.

21. Pekingese – This breed does bark at strangers and may be happier as the only dog in your apartment although you can socialize your Pekinese with a little training.

22. Pomeranian You will have an independent, high energy co-dweller that needs frequent brushes and may bark a bit more than other breeds. According to a local resident in Gloucester, Massachusetts, your Pomeranian dog will be a great listener and may ask you to carry him around with you instead of cuddling on the couch.

23. Poodle The toy and miniature poodle win praise on the best apartment dogs list because they are extremely smart and work well in a small living space.

24. PugThis playful and loyal breed needs your company and will be very happy in tight quarters.

25. Shih Tzu An affectionate lap dog that will fit well in your apartment and simply requires love and attention.

26. Silky Terrier – Another great terrier breed for your apartment that may have a barking problem.

27. Yorkshire Terrier This breed is small and filled with energy however your Yorkshire Terrier may yap quite a bit and become a nuisance to you and your neighbors.

This news brief gives you a long list of the best apartment dogs that may work for you if you have limited space in your home.  Be prepared, however, because one third of the dog breeds on this list may bark at strangers, bark when left alone or yap all day long in your apartment or condominium.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have this helpful list of dog breeds that will work best in a small apartment.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from enchantingpets.

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