DOBERMAN PINSCHER is a killer dog


Doberman owners tend to attribute its nature mysticism – “This is not a dog, it is reborn man!”.

 It is true that for every farmer, in love in your Doberman, his dog is the dog, but Doberman at in this respect is built into cult. Incredible devotion, courage, intelligence, ability to accept – will say that with so many races. I probably will be made. But not sporete the owners of Doberman – they will never accept that on all these characteristics have a dog, equal to their favorite Doberman.

Elegant silhouette, almost Egypt dog, strong and fast, Doberman has won sympathy as the most exacting professionals and ordinary lovers of dogs. Its name because of a amateur dogs K. F. L. Doberman that between 1870 and 1880 on is created Doberman breed. The first Doberman Club is established in Apolda (Town in  Germany), Thuringia region in 1889 on

The first known evidence of the breed are from 1870 on, when Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman, tax brink from Apolda, Thuringia, has decided to create a dog that will keep it as it bring large sums of money and is travel alone . It was amateur with dogs and breed pincher. In Apolda each year starting from 1863, has an market of dogs, organized by the local association to improve dog breeds. Exactly such a market has been exposed and new dog in 1876 on.

Today it is difficult to determine exactly from crossing breeds of which has reached the creation of Doberman. According to one study from 1933 on Doberman Club of probably the first dog is used GERMAN PINCHER. Other breeds are alleged ROTTWEILER (although some famous Otto Goler breeder of dogs from that time categorically denies this), shepherd dog from the field Boss, France, ENGLISH Pincher and MANCHESTER TERIER who are due to red-brown spots. Others see in praroditelite of Doberman DOG, VAYMARANER and POYNTER, probably because of the types of hair or because of similarity with the head of a hunting dog.

At the beginning Doberman dog has different in its present form. More recently is look like pincher, from whom he has taken and the courage to stand strazh. The breed was officially recognized in 1893 on\.

Although the breed is relatively young, it very quickly spread to Germany and its neighbouring countries and later in Russia, Poland. In England Doberman dog arrives only after the Second World War, to be immediately “assigned” to work in the police. Apart from its acute myth that taken by shepherd dog, it has blood and blood of greyhound, which makes it the fastest running dog of the Old Continent, with the exception of hratkite. In Argentina is among the most dogs. There he is in Northern and Central Africa, in Asia and the Americas. His fame in the U.S. due to the good name that has gained in its cooperation with the maritime forces. In Australia Doberman dog is imported in 1950, Brazil – 1922 g. In Italy, where for years there is an association of Italian fans of Doberman in 1989 2089 copies are listed in herd books in 1991 — 2941, but after another year – 3380. Doberman attitudes towards becoming ever more seriously.

Doberman is a killer?

I happen is a Doberman dog sooner or later, someone will say “In seven or five, or three, according to information / svirepo years this animal’ll izyade!” This opinion is based on the assumption that mozakat grows greater than the skull of a dog that izrastva a dog bone and poludyava. This makes it eternally nevrotizirano with one word – not to buy Doberman otseleete! WHAT GLUPOST!

So – all this is not true! Doberman at dozhivyava to more than 14 years throughout his intellect, in health and sahrannost. With glupavite urban legends – to here!

Others, which you often hear is the combination “kravozhadno dog – Killer”, then you’ll be out a vivid example of this. Well, that already counts to talk.

Is a terrible case dobermanite fall into the hands of people with compelling kopleksi who use the dog to offset their own nepalnotsennost. In such an environment is deliberately dog podstrekavano to excessive aggressiveness, neprestanna nervous agitation and unpredictable behavior. The goal is by this behaviour of the dog man to approve his personality void. People with such problems prefer instead to face themselves against reality, to do it through their dog. And the dog reared in such an atmosphere, departs from its normal character and norms of social communication. It becomes a dangerous weapon without estalvi. Trasformirano of farmer in uzhasyavashto exception to the rule that a dog threatens the lives and health of others.

It’s easy then to be blamed dog! But there is no breed up to destroy people. Nedostoyno is to be landed on wine bezslovestnata tvar that can not protect. Let us meet those farmers who have made

Doberman training and obedience


For most people training is a terrible and complicated super special training, but actually training Doberman dog starts at home since their infancy with the most elementary things. You must make naughty little puppy displine in a dog, you are subject bezprekoslovno. Doberman is a dog that does not allow compromises with education. Undraining Doberman dog is very dangerous.

Doberman dog needs training and education, otherwise you will only create troubles and finally you may have to look for ways to get rid thereof. Maybe you envisage training as something very complicated? Not so. Each of us has brought training dog to perform a number of simple commands that will facilitate your life indefinitely at home or on the street.

The first and most painful problem of the owner of a small Doberman pincher is how to learn to do the work in one place and not where it falls. The methods are a few:

  • if you drag the dog of CSI, punish his voice with very strict and it take it where you’d like it to do this activity / bath, balcony or others. /
  • if you find already made pee not punish dog, it will not understand that it nakazvate right for this, and has already forgot when the act was committed

clean and partsalite refer where you’d like it to pee . Clean the place with a more potent perfume, to remove the smell. You should know that dogs love to emanate of the above as one place and it cleaned, preventing the next visit. On the other hand, having encounter their own smell of the other spot will most likely finish their work there.

Of course all these works are not for two days, required a large stock of patience and good attitude, but paleto’ll be otblagodari that in the future.

Where is already enough huge and may go abroad, you should start with gradual “coming” izhozhdaneto there. From your own experience, I recommended a “jack Blitz” – this was my personal way of dealing with the problem.

  1. the first display 5:30 am to 5 minutes after that again bedtime
  2. second exit 6:15 am to 5 minutes and again in krevata
  3. 10-11 from 7 am leaving in the evening 1 hour for in 5 to 10 minutes. The aim is not to allow small to complete its work at home, early morning walk is very important – it is just before you made the first “gift”.

“Blitz jack”-at last about 10 days and usually gives very good results. It is important, of course, clearly agreed by Commands or prize when the dog out its work and many actively to punish when it inside. It is best in the operation to include all family members – who is at home, he displays Doberman puppy. Note: real successes in this area can achieve only after 6 months of age. After the first 10 days drums walking it as often as possible even for a moment. Drive and punish in ass if it drag on CSI. This is by no means to do fight of fighting – Doberman dog very easily understood, when it make something wrong in this situation and hates to be blamed.

Doberman puppy at home


№ 1 problem – Where will place the dog?

As human beings, so views on the matter. Some people will tell you that the place of Doberman dog is in the yard or balcony, but they certainly wrong . Doberman short hair dogs are sensitive to cold that is, leaving them out more risk at the first cold to life of the dog at risk.

Where inside the house will make LOCATION of your dog is a difficult question. Best place bed of a dog somewhere on the outside door to be able to safeguard, but nothing prevents you to accommodate him where to find good. 

Note, however, should not it slagate to sleep on the ground where there is strong throughout. Often we do not feel but as the land where the dog will sleep, this is particularly uncomfortable and it will refuse to sleep on the spot where the constant spirit. You simply release it to walk and can only choose LOCATION – once you see that loves to sleep somewhere, just put “bed” there and watch chosen spot “Place” high and clear, to allow puppy to link that word with the command “On the spot, it otprashtashta fro.

In no case don’t in his bed! One thing that isunhigienic second remember that little heat puppy will soon become a larger volume and animal which like nothing you change from your own bed. As stated – to have respect – people sleeping in bed, dogs – no!

Of course there’s another possibility. If you have old, unnecessary furniture – some armchair, armchair or sofa you can give it to your friend, he certainly would like it.

Problem № 2 – How can I say?

Very often Doberman puppy comes with a complete delivered by the owner of dog name. Most likely it will make you particularly like, and if you do not have something already arithmetic, we must select new. But be careful what you choose! Your dog will carry this name for life – look puppy least think about his big Doberman, in which it will become. Your dog will never understand that you ugly whether his name, but other people will have baya to shy away. So – no Sharovtsi, Murdzhovtsi, Topchovtsi and the like. It is not good and it put human name. You will turn people on the streets. Forget for most popular names you wear them all bulonks and pudels of variety of Gina, Rocky, Jackie, Laura, Rocky, Blackie, Caesar – they show total lack of imagination among farmers. Name of Doberman dog must show nobleness, aristocratically and uniqueness. Disgusted is not bad Doberman you have at least 2 names, as adopted at the breed specimens, but quality is sufficient. German names are suitable / as Fritz, Arnold, Werner, Juergen, the names of gods or heroes of mytical skandinavskata and northern mythology / as Votan, Krom, Odin, all remarkable heroes of epic or action films, characters from books that are your favorite or any favorite musicians / but you please avoid chalga and rapa because Doberman Kondyo or Sean Combs will razsmee our people.


Problem № 3 – What to Feed?

Of course most easily is Pedigri Pal Junior, but it is a pleasure for most financially secured by us. For other recipe is called BULAMACH, or at least that you’ll look like. Feel free life to dog food with it and it will be very dovolno. One possible option. Buy kokali, svaryavate povechko them with water, cut inside and they have vegetables. Nakisnete then bread, zabarkayte least ready granulki dog can or dry food. If you have something else gotveno and put him there, but if not highly Agreement or lyuto / spices are harmful to obonyanieto the dog. At least the dog at least once a day make milk kitchen – poparka, slagayte and one egg per day. In the few dog mixture should be homogeneous, gives slightly zatoplena three or four times a day. For now porasnaloto dog can choose a “kokalen” day, which would give him only kokali. This will definitely diversity in the menu will be like, and they have medical benefits – as kokalite vtvardyavat faeces, in izhozhdane dog from napana will izchistva partial and analnite their glands.

Small dogs also give kokali and bigger. Small is dangerous because the small sladur has a great chance to zadavi with them. Pileshkite kokali, particularly those of a general butchetata them forget – these are pipe kokali which have no nutritional value and are very sharp and zabivat in the gullet.

What we do if our dog will nasita. In no case his ugazhdayte – will develop “valchi abdomen and will begin yade while povrashta and then again. This is bolestno condition and is very harmful for the dog. Give the quantity allocated by a certain time and any additional dazhbi! I presume not want to have in place 

doberman plondir four klechki? If they’re terrible zloyadi panichkata and we almost nedokosnata – no compromises. Will is so small while izgladnee not enough and not izyade given because if otstapite as porasne’ll izyade and ears.

We can understand that Feed the kuchentseto well sledeyki its faeces:


·       they are light and soft give too much bread

·       they are dark to black, received too much meat

·       if you are white and troshlivi – kokalite are in more

·       if they are brown and normally shaped – then food is good and proper


Veterinary nevoli

And now that our best friend becomes the veterinarian. After the 40 – day dog may already be obezparaziteno for glisti. Even if you think that the likelihood that it will be true is very small. What we must do is not to go to the local dog shop and buy something there, someone from there, if your veterinarian. It will give you vyarnoto medicine and correct dose – did not make his experiments with solo performances in the shops in terms of medicines. Your dog may pay with their lives for this. Sometimes it is not necessary to water and the dog, if you already have established dose and medicine in the cabinet because of what I pass doktora not other sick animals and there is some risk to lepne a disease and you. Obezparazityavaneto operation, which will perform throughout the life of the dog – and internal and external, at least in 6 months for a small 3 over.


First vaccine dog receives 15 days, it is so baby, which contains ghana and parvoviroza, and if possible, and hepatitis and leptospirosis. The second is made on a quarterly age, in that the dog not to walk out. This can be done only 15 days after the second vaccine. The second vaccine, unlike the first to contain rabies. All patches of shishentsata with the vaccine should be pasted on veterinarya on medical passport for your dog! Such medical passport issued themselves veterinarians. This document is for the health of your dog and a weapon against all who try to zloslovyat against him. However, not vlizayte with external shoes around the house, perhaps because of podmetkite you have spores of a dangerous dog for your disease. The further vaccination scheme will also be determined by veterinarya.


Most dangerous for small dogs remain ganata and parvovirozata. Of course, most indicative of the health of the dog remains his appetite. But I begin povrashta several times in order, or receive a strong disorder, there appears to blood in faeces and vomiting – not lose time and tichayte to veterinarya, may nothing, but may be made belya.


Obezparazityavaneto tenii to be completed no chetirimesechna age, again recommended by a doctor medicine. At the veterinary events come and mineral feeding – the dog needs further than calcium and vitamins. Consult your doctor for the appropriate preparation and determination. If they decide that you never deal with that risk to your dog ill from rachel, his legs will distort, its growth will stop and may even be paralizira. Such treatment will cost you much more than prevention, and consequences may remain for life. Sometimes rahitat show such injuries that the dog is better to be killed than to live in such maki.


Throughout the life of the dog, especially if it is male will have to visit veterinarya for cleaning analnite glands. This is terrible nastina boring, but if not pochistyat in 2-3 months they begin prichinyavan of dog pain, it begins to grize to blood on the rear and front parts lapi. So, the procedure is optional. In the women’s accumulation becomes more slowly, but once every half a year must be done.


Big problem of the owner of a small doberman is kupiraneto ears. In the breed standard by 1937 on officially entered otryazvaneto part of the ears. Today, however, in many countries kupiraneto of ears is prohibited by nehumanna operation.


For and Against kupiraneto ears:


·       so they are more beautiful, more mazhestveni, in the form of svirepi

·       in fact this is mutilation of a dog that is totally unnecessary

·       Cutting means much pain and blood and hatred to the veterinarians at the end of life

·       once already cut ears will never grow up

·       possibility of bad death, fracture of hrushtyalite ears and inability to face



If you decide to cut them after the operation will have to care effort. Firstly have much to care not be razraneni shevovete – kuchentseto will try to cheshe as zarastvat begin. Must mazhete ears of the dog with mazilo prescribed by the doctor. Ears are gentle and close to masazhirat several times a day. Usually when good nutrition ears face for several days, but sometimes klepnali remain for longer. Do not worry – if not rachel and the operation is performed by an experienced doctor, they will face well. As an indication of veterinarya will go down to your yarns. However a council – choose a good doctor for this procedure, someone who is experienced. Best known to ask older doberman on whom the operation was done on his dog.


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