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Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the India. I love dogs and and in particular the golden retriever. Over the years I’ve had a few golden retriever puppies and dogs and I’ve found them all to remain true to the common phrase “a man’s best friend”. 

As with all dogs if you want to enjoy their company and allow them to become obedient and well-behaved adult dogs it is important to take note of golden retriever training.

Of course when training your dog it doesn’t all have to be all work and no play. All dogs love exercise and play and I can certainly say I’m guilty of spoiling my dogs with tens or even hundreds of golden retriever gifts.

If you are searching for a new dog you may find that it is best to take your time and search through the many golden retriever breeders for the specific type of golden that fits your lifestyle.

In the world of dogs, the golden retriever is one of the most favored dog breeds for its versatility. They make great family pets, obedience competitors, hunting dogs, and also show dogs. You can see why golden retrievers are such a desirable dog.

Golden’s are very loyal to their owners, very lovable, and fantastic with children of any age. They are also very well-mannered and calm, yet still make great watchdogs with their loud bark.

As such an all-round dog, golden retrievers love admiration and attention. This means that they aren’t the sort of dog that you can leave at home for long periods of time.

The golden retriever is a top breed and can be a great companion. They are also more than capable of accompanying you on activities like camping, hiking, and walking, and love spending time with an owner and their family. Should you choose to own a golden retriever and include him or her in your family activities you will have a friend for life. If a golden retriever puppy isn’t what you are looking for, consider a more mature dog from a golden retriever rescue as every dog deserves a warm and loving home.

We have added several sections to our site dedicated to golden retrievers already but would also like you to take part. If you have any golden retriever pictures please feel free to send them to us and we will happily dedicate a page to you and your golden retriever.

Choosing The Right Golden Retriever Breeder

Now that you have decided to get a golden retriever, you will need to take the time to decide on where you want to get your puppy from. Although you will want to check whether the puppy you are interested in is healthy and strong, there is no guarantee that it will grow up with this being the case. This means that it is important that you choose your golden retriever breeder carefully as you will need to trust their opinion when choosing a puppy.


In terms of dog breeders, there are three main routes that you can take to find a golden retriever. I will go through them here and provide you with some information relating to each one.


Backyard Breeders


Choosing to buy a golden retriever puppy from a backyard breeder is not the most ideal situation. Backyard breeders are usually those that own a couple of goldens a fancy the idea of the female having puppies before getting her spayed. Although there are exceptions backyard breeders don’t look for quality with their litters, so make sure you do your research before opting for this type of breeder.


Pet Shop or Dealer


Although pretty common, the pet shop is one of the worst places you can get your golden retriever from. The puppies that they sell are often bred poorly and raised in poor venues. Remember that the pet shop is looking to make a profit and nothing more, so there is little emphasis on quality here.


Pet shops make a good profit from providing puppies for sale due to the limited resources that are provided to breeding, golden retriever training, and overall care of the puppies. Even though this is the case, many families will think of this type of breeder as the first choice when buying their golden retriever. However, if you want a puppy that you know is bred well and healthy you are better off looking for a hobby breeder.


Hobby Breeders


This is the most ideal location to get your golden puppy. You will find that hobby breeders are committed to bringing up top quality pups and are loyal to the care of them. Hobby breeders do make money from breeding, although the money is not the priority to them. They care more about the quality of the golden retriever puppies than anything else, and remain committed to helping you find the most ideal pup for your home and the best golden retriever puppy.


Hobby breeders do not just look at the litter as a whole, but instead care for each one of their puppies. This means that if you want the best puppy for your money then hobby breeders should be your first choice. They rarely produce poor quality golden retrievers and you can rest assured that the puppy that the breeder will help you choose will be healthy from the beginning.

Selecting a Golden Retriever Puppy

So you’ve decided upon which breeder you would like to get your puppy from, so now you need to think about which type of puppy you would like. This can take longer than expected. In fact it can take months before the right puppy litter is born, but fear not it is most certainly worth the wait.

You may find that your golden retriever puppy breeder has several litters available when looking for your puppy, in which case you will be able to compare them to find your perfect pup. Be warned though, choosing a puppy is a heart-wrenching experience as they are all so hard to reject.

In many cases you will need to put down a deposit on any golden retriever puppy that you choose, and is this even more likely if the puppy is not yet over a certain number of weeks old.


Once you’ve decided that you want a golden retriever puppy, you need to be prepared to start looking early. You will more than likely find many breeders with golden retriever puppies for sale. However, Golden retrievers are a popular breed of dog and many of the good litters will be sold early. Make sure you search for an ideal breeder early and remain up to date with when the next litter of puppies are arriving. You may also consider searching through the golden retriever adoption centers to find your ideal dog.


Don’t be upset or startled if you visit the breeder to find that they have selected a puppy for you. Many of the top quality breeders will have spent a considerable amount of time with the puppies and will know the temperament of each of them. Breeders may also perform temperament tests with each of the puppies. This will assist the breeder in deciding on which puppy would most suit each type of home. You may not be happy with this but if you have selected one of the better breeders you should let them decide or discuss which puppy is most suitable. Remember that the breeder has been around the puppies for several weeks and so will have a better idea of your perfect puppy than you might.


As with all breeds of puppies, at only a few weeks old golden retrievers look appealing to the eyes. Make sure that you do not base your decision based purely on looks. Here are a few tips to look out for when viewing a golden retriever puppy:


  • Make sure the puppy has a strong build, with straight legs.
  • Make sure the puppy has healthy teeth and gums.
  • The puppy should be muscular and strong, yet be wriggly and very active when you try to pick him or her up.
  • Check over the rest of body to make sure he or she looks healthy.

If the breeder will allow you to choose which golden retriever puppy you would like from the litter, take away the puppies that you are not interested in so that you can observe the ones that you are more closely. The puppies will probably be a little anxious, yet will want to explore their surroundings.


Speak to the puppies that you are interested in and see how they react to your voice. Also, move around and play with them. Take your time and evaluate each puppy to best suit your home and family. Golden retriever puppies are lovely dogs so look for one that is healthy and that will grow into a healthy and strong adult.


Consider this carefully. Buying a puppy is a life-long commitment.


Tips for Training Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

There are many tips for training your golden retriever and all of them can be enjoyable as you watch your golden retriever grow and learn. One of first training tips that you will need once you have brought the golden retriever puppy into his or her new home is regarding teeth. Golden puppies love to chew; it’s their natural instinct, and in fact you’ll probably discover this once they start chewing the sofa! You need to make sure that your puppy has something to chew to ease the pain of teeting such as a chew toy, although it is possible to create your own chew toy for your dog.

Firstly find an old sock and fill it with a number of ice cubes that you can then knot and place in the freezer. The next step is easy, if your puppy starts to chew give him the sock! You can of course place a few iced socks in the freezer so that your golden puppy will always have something to chew. Never leave your dog unattended with a sock though as he could easily chew the sock and swallow any pieces, which can obviously cause unwanted health problems.


Golden retrievers love to dig, it’s a natural thing for dogs to dig. This may become frustrating for you as the owner though as he may end up digging in parts of the yard that you wish he didn’t! In this case give your golden retriever an area to himself to dig. If you don;t you may find him digging the carpet, bed, or on the couch.


A sandbox is a good option if you want to give you puppy an area to dig with soil or sand. You can even give your puppy a surprise by burying a treat or a toy. Not only will this give your dog a nice treat, but it also teaches him where to dig. When he gets a bit older you can control this digging by taking him to dog obedience training.


Training your golden retriever with leash is often preferred so that you can point the golden in the direction you want him to go. However, this is not the best way to train your puppy as it often gives him the wrong signal. Instead you should firstly allow your golden puppy to become accustomed to the collar and leash by putting it on in the house or in a fenced yard. This will allow him to walk freely with the leash dragging alongside.


After your golden retriever puppy gets more used to the collar and leash, pick up the leash and begin calling him towards you. If he does well and comes to you make sure you praise him so that he knows he is doing good. Be patient when leash training as it may take some time for the puppy to get used to knowing what he needs to do, but if you continue to give praise when he does right you should not have too many problems.


Just these few golden retriever training tips can help your puppy a great deal. You will need patience with golden retriever puppies, even with them being very smart dogs, but once they start to learn they will become an important part of your family.


Golden Retriever Adoption

Adopting a dog from a golden retriever rescue is a great way to find a companion and to provide a golden retriever with a home. Golden retriever adoption is also ideal for those who do not want to go through the trials and tribulations of training a puppy as dogs of all ages are often available. Older golden retrievers are great in homes on their own as they are very mature dogs and very well tempered.


As well as selling puppies you’ll probably find that many breeders will have older golden retrievers for sale. There are several reasons why this is:

  • studs that have been used for breeding
  • female golden’s that been retired from breeding
  • golden retriever dogs that have lost their show potential

There are other reasons why older golden retrievers are often available as well, but they are often perfect for those who don’t want a dog from a puppy.


Adopting an older golden retriever often means that the dog is already housebroken, and will have no problem adapting to his new home and family. You’ll of course want to give him plenty of love, attention, and patience to help him settle in and feel comfortable. Reassure your golden retriever rescue dog on a regular basis and let him know that you are his owner and that you love him.


If you are serious about golden retriever adoption, you should make sure that you learn about the dog you are interested in. This includes determining his temperament, and whether he will fit in with you and your family. It is also essential to find out what he likes and dislikes, his diet and daily routine, and whether he has any habits. If you think that you have found the perfect golden retriever rescue dog, bring the other members of the family along too so that everyone can have their say on whether the dog is perfect for your family. Even if you found the dog by looking through the newspaper for golden retriever pictures, do not let this be the only time other members of the family see the dog before going ahead and adopting it, as seeing the dog in the flesh is essential.


Should you decide to adopt a golden retriever during the first few days of bringing him home you will want to take extra care of him during the first few days. This is so that he can become accustomed to his surroundings and will know where he sleeps and where his food and water is. This will probably take a few days so be patient and help him learn where things are in your home.


Your golden retriever will need at least a month before you should consider dog obedience training. Being an older dog you may find that he is already very obedient, but you should still take him to a few dog obedience classes so that he can brush up on training and can get used to his new owner. You should then find that he will understand your commands much clearer once obedience training is complete.


Many dogs, including golden retrievers love attention, regardless of how old they are. Olden golden’s however may have medical problems that you are unaware of. This shouldn’t stop you from going ahead with a golden retreiver adoption though as the rewards that an older golden retriever brings far outweigh the cons. Although many do not consider getting an older golden retriever from a rescue; they are great dogs for many families, especially those that do not want to put up with the troubles of raising a golden retriever puppy.

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